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Avatar bfm_1

Bfm_1 On 22/04/2007

bfms ded ses ooops toy boy all smash ur face in

Default Avatar

? On 12/04/2007

this flog is fukin shit as fuk

Avatar barker1

Barker1 On 08/04/2007

utterly dink

Avatar e_v_e_n

E_v_e_n On 07/04/2007


Avatar haha

Haha On 06/04/2007

because you little toys cant keep a crew for two minutes. dumb fucks1lovehaha

Default Avatar

??????????????????? On 06/04/2007

no 1 even rites bfm nu man

Avatar barker1

Barker1 On 06/04/2007

funy coments but say ya names ya got nout to be scared about and bfm is dead kersa

Avatar haha

Haha On 06/04/2007

if you think that 'haha' comment^^^ was from mr onair then i shall have to tell you other wise. as it was from me, king of the north east,... haha! and no foren doesnt rock, he suck cock. the faggity ass bitch. young'uns in the northeast need to learn a lot more 'bout graff befo they come round nd say the've been writing for a while haha. haha these kids dont know fuck all and think theyve been on the scene for years. i mean spraying a cartoon cock through a burner is not on and all they can think about is cock- hence the last comment on the last post . i mean onair isnt simply going to give gay sex over the phone , even if he could. this comment is going out to all the fucking little people known as toys.1lovehaha1

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Onair loves pepsy n groes cock On 05/04/2007

luk at hislatest stuff the long haired bloke rappin aribps contact onair 4 gay sex

Default Avatar

???? On 05/04/2007


Default Avatar

???? On 05/04/2007

anair shut the fuk up you tart you greef foren and he rocks you coz all you do is bubble riting and bite pepsy

Avatar haha

Haha On 04/04/2007

aye fucking right thats whats geting on my nerves aswell . al them little fucking pelaw trampy toys who can only bite. i think gateshead would be a better place withot the minority known as toys but, unfortunately we can do fuck all about it so we are stuck with these little charverfolk who decide that having a four letter tag with an 'e' on the end is cool and to put ur tag up in other peoples work. i am the only person who thinks that its not on ,as these are the people who are getting caught -hence giving graffiti a bad name.1love

Default Avatar

?????????????????? On 04/04/2007

ii for 1s i actually agree wif onair and that is poooooooooooooooooop pelaw toyssssss

Avatar onayre

Onayre On 03/04/2007

another bfm flog, fuck off will yer until u have sumit decent to put on

Avatar kira01

Kira01 On 03/04/2007

shit mate

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