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Avatar utopyofadream

• 09/17th/2007 •


• Today's character is; •

•• Mirtha Abdul;
Mirtha is a year older than we are; She repeated course 'cause she had very low marks. She isn't a bad person, but neither a good one. Britney and Rapunzel get on well with her, but I think they don't really wanna be with her. She's muslim.

• Monday, 09/17th/2007 •

Dear diary,
Today's maths class has been a complete laugh! Lola's been bothering Tom about Bill, because she also thinks they ought to be together. By the way! I've had a C in my exam [Hell, at least I've passed xdd]. Greg has given us a history exam, which has been fantastic [have I mentioned that I love history?]. Lately, we've had what felt like thousands of hours with Charlie and his [apologize me] horrible subjects. I'm sure I've failed my music exam with Johanna and I have had an A at my Spanish Exam. Cristina is like hilarious about my marks! And, within my happiness, I've almost made Lilibeth swallow a whole Tipex thing. Poor girl, I've laughed so hard! xdd
Tom's been asking all the girls in class if they would make a threesome with two gay boys. ¿What on Earth does that mean? I dunno, he's kinda going out with Lara and keeps asking these things... Hmmm!
Dan's been acting weird all day. I dunno what's wrong with him, since we've hanged out quite well at the Languages School. Today, precisely, we've been closer than other days, and that makes me wonder... What if? No, it can't be! It can't possibly be, I'm sure about it. I just can't help feeling dizzy when he's around. I hate my poshygirl feelings, hell! =(
I wanna scream out loud... I think I'm gonna listen to Tokio Hotel's hit with the same name. Mmmphff!

• Christine Juliet Watson (c) •

On August 30 2008 78 Views

Avatar utopyofadream

Utopyofadream On 30/08/2008

Everything's fucked up.
Give me time, please...


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