Avatar delstyle

Delstyle On 30/11/2003

this is great pic,very cool.kisses:)

Avatar danipontes

Danipontes On 30/11/2003

Yes, I liked the pink series!! Did you liked my bathroom?!?! How was your weekend?!?! Took Story for a ride!?!?IŽm reading Harry Potter, do you like it?!!?Kisses, Dani

Default Avatar

Maximillion On 30/11/2003

Story, you and your mom are amazing. This is a great pic! I saw a dapple like you on the dog show on thanksgiving. It reminded my of you. You have eyes like my Chelsea. You are very lovely. When my mom went to New Orlean`s, she was working, taking photos of female jockeys at the race-track, so I did not get to go. She had a wonderful time. Maybe next time I will go with her.

Avatar mona60614

Mona60614 On 29/11/2003

What a flirt!.. :)

Avatar kierstin6

Kierstin6 On 28/11/2003

Hello to Storypie and Utahna!

Avatar danipontes

Danipontes On 28/11/2003

I loved the pink series!!! Great pics!!!Story is co CUTE!!!!Kisses for you and her!! And a very nice weekend!!Dani

Avatar alaskankiwi

Alaskankiwi On 28/11/2003

Story is such a diva! I would love to be Story for a day...my word, beautiful pink boas and a sexy Mum, what more could you ask for?

Avatar chris_kelvin

Chris_kelvin On 28/11/2003

The two luxuria girls... : )

Avatar andrewgallix

Andrewgallix On 28/11/2003

The return of Story -- at long last!

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