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..do people hate
and envy
and talk behind the backs

why they find a need to lie
to break the trust
to live as they're the only ones
the best ones
the most important
and beautiful ones

self confidence is ok
is necessary

we often exceed the limits
we treasure our ego
we forget the world around

and that's what makes it
so damn wrong

it's not so difficult to smile to people
to wish them the best
to be happy for them
and with them
to give a hand if they ask for it
or both when they don't
to make them feel needed
and loved
and beutiful

to do things from a heart
and without a reason
without excpecting something for a change

it's so damn hard
it seems
cause nobody around seems to care

about those little things
about each other
or any other passing by

cause only thing that matters
is what I have
and what I need
and how you
can make ME satisfied

On April 05 2014 at Yucatán, Mexico 12 Views

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