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..this is the moment.
the one
i finally reached
the one i waited for so long.
that special

this moment
when i have somebody's hand in mine
when i can stare at him for hours
though i can't really see him crearly
and just because
he's so close to me

this moment
when he makes me feel as if i am
the only existing girl in this world
..this much admired

this moment
when finally
i can say out loud
that i'm not made for this
that i am not the one i thought i could be
not the one i would love to.

i have you in my arms
i have your hand in mine
please understand
i do enjoy this moment
i have to let it go

let you go.

so this is the moment.
the one i waited for so long.
the one i thought about.
- though differently -
the one that came
and made it clear.

..i'm just not made for this.

On November 12 2013 at Yucatán, Mexico 12 Views

Tag - Avril-lavigne
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