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Un espacio para todos aquellos que le gusta Gossip Girl, sus dramas, y las geniales interpretaciones por parte de los actores :)

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    It'a all about the accesories is a group design to post images from your favorite stars Accesories. You can also posts accesories from your favorite designers or people around you.

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    On /CAFÉ , Please post images you take at a CAFÉ, I repeat, pictures that are taken by you and not stolen from the web.

    You may be in the picture, but NOT as the main feature of the photo, we want a CAFÉ or even a cup of coffee as the main feature

    Do NOT post portrait images, or ego shots, or pornography there ARe many other places for these pictures, but /CAFÉ is NOT one of them

    Do NOT post anything that violates the Terms of Service
    Thanks to all of you for your great images! :)

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