Avatar twocubes_down

Hey peps! o/

Gosh, 2 months. o.o I'm completaly scared with myself!
No news about My Chem, very nice. (y)

Thanks for the comments, I'm very happy. :)

Sophie - Good Shoes.

On November 14 2008 7 Views

Avatar sweetcold

Sweetcold On 19/11/2008

I like your fotolog :3
kdfjasdg sorry but my english is horrible u.u
ddd, well, love this picture *-*
f/f =3

Avatar biiijou

Biiijou On 17/11/2008

a doença twilight me atacou, how make ._.
te add aqui btw

Avatar ko0n_k

Ko0n_k On 16/11/2008

de algun ladoo te saco a voss

saludos FF :)

Avatar feel_the_knive

Feel_the_knive On 15/11/2008

aww i love the old pictures from the band *-*, but gosh, 2 months, what happened two months ago :3?. Thanks for your comment :], take care honey :]

Avatar i_love_frerard

I_love_frerard On 15/11/2008

*O* ke hermosos!!!

Avatar thebestofyou_emo

Thebestofyou_emo On 14/11/2008


Avatar wonderfulway

Wonderfulway On 14/11/2008

thanks for your words :)
the old pictures from mychem are the best |m| :)
take care :)

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