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foto da festa de fim de ano da empresa em Piedade...

ps: so p att mesmo, jah sao 2 da manha e tow morrendo de sono ¬¬ husashushsusahuuhas... abracos \o/


Freedom Call
Freedom Call

An island lies in the sea of stars
So far from time
The wisemen came for teelling my heart
I'll reach for the sun

Deep inside my eyes you see the tears of long ago
Telling tales of loneliness before

Standing by my side you feel the fears of once before
Telling tales of emptiness and more

Strangers in the night
Rising up to fight
They're rising up to bust the demon's spell

Freedom Call, the cry of barren souls
The surveillance of mankind will fall
Freedom Call, the cry of barren souls
Under surveillance we never will fall

I spent all my life to get salvation from afar
I've seen stairs, arisen from below

Strangers in the night
Rising up to fight
They're rising up to bust the demon's spell

Once upon a time, our world was in decline
On a storytellers night, I felt the breeze of life
And I saw the rays of light, across the burning sky
When the master sent the sign, reflecting all devine

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Avatar bia_beltrao

Bia_beltrao On 23/12/2009

oownnn.. obrigada pelo post! *-*
Achei lindooo..
Só não gostei mto do metal, + tudo bem... ngm é perfeito ne?? :P
Eu tbm gosto de tu leseira! =)
Fica bem..

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Tito_cavalcanti On 23/12/2009



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