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Strange Bird's Nest Fungi (Nidulariales) complete with eggs!

These are strange Bird's Nest Fungi (Nidulariales) growing on a twig in the Oregon woods. The tiny mushrooms look like little birds' nests complete with eggs! The eggs are actually peridioles that hold spores. The force of a single rain drop in the "splash cup" is enough to distribute the eggs. (Near Susan Creek, North Umpqua River, Oregon, 27 November 2010)

Today's photos are more of the strange and wonderful mushrooms I found in Oregon last week. I'll have more tomorrow!

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Avatar alejandro_cadena

Alejandro_cadena On 03/12/2010

Thanks for your work... I hope this kind of pictures make the human kind to apreciate the wonder that we are destroying.

Avatar birgit

Birgit On 03/12/2010

They are wonderful to loook at and it seems that the Oregon woods are a bit similar to ours... we also have these here! :)

Avatar kmdevos

Kmdevos On 03/12/2010

So strange and funny to see. I love all your mushrooms pictures.
Have a nice day,

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