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New flowers of Veatch Silk-Tassel (Garrya veatchi, Garryaceae)

These are the interesting new flowers of a native male <b>Veatch Silk-Tassel</b> (<i>Garrya veatchii</i>) shrub in the <b>Silk-Tassel</b> (<i>Garryaceae</i>) plant family. The strange flowers hang like pearls on a thread! (San Marcos Pass, 10 January 2010)

This native shrub is "dioecious" with separate male and female plants. The flowers of this particular shrub will only produce pollen.

My photo-friend Lynn Watson has a nice page about this native plant at:

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Avatar woo_ohohoh

Woo_ohohoh On 13/01/2010

me encantan éstas fotos =)

Avatar elsvanderpalen

Elsvanderpalen On 13/01/2010


The picture is very nice, but I don`t which flowers. looks like seed.
Have a nice day.

Avatar mhm_ce

Mhm_ce On 13/01/2010


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