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Brahma Kamal or Nishagandhi

After we moved into our new home, and after we had planted this plant about 12 years ago in a pot, yesterday night at 12 midnight, this flower bloomed with a nice frangrance. Though found in mountains, this grows well in the plains also.

Some scientific info about this flower:
Sauseurea Obvallata (Brahma Kamal; Saussurea obvallata (DC.) Sch.-Bip., Wall. ex C.B. Clarke in old literature)
The Brahma Kamal, a member of the Sunflower Family, is an excellent example of plant life at the upper limit of high mountains (3,000 to 4,600 metres). In membranous, boat-shaped floral trusses, it bears 2-6 sessile or shortly peduncled glabrous heads bearing purple or bluish flowers with brown fluff. Even in the cold air of the ice-bound arena, they come to bloom because of the warm space created by the leaf-cover a device that qualifies the plant to become one of the sacred species whose flowers are offered up, as pointed out by Edgeworth, at the shrines of Badrinath. The glabrous, toothed leaves are 10 to 21 cm. long, the uppermost terminating into incurved, bladdery, veined, translucent, globose or hemispheric pale head, 7.5 cm. to 15.5 cm. in diameter. The herb, 15 to 46 cm. tall, has a pubescent or glabrate stem as thick as a little finger. Its thick curved root is applied to bruises and cuts.

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Avatar kovoor36

Kovoor36 On 08/10/2008

nice shot.

Avatar sarinkaofczr

Sarinkaofczr On 01/10/2008

Fantastic shot and gorgeous flower ! Regards, Sa

Avatar gas7on07

Gas7on07 On 01/10/2008

beso amor :)

q andes super :D

en ffs

pasate dale ? :)

Avatar hkris

Hkris On 01/10/2008


Avatar flores_natur

Flores_natur On 30/09/2008

Aunque dura muy poco
la flor es muy hermosa,
de ver, y dan ganas
de contemplarla
por mucho rato...
Que tengas un..
buen dia Miercoles.

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