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Viking conquest

Leif Ericson reached America also on year 2000 the celebration of the 1000th anniversary statues originally established in Seattle on the American west coast and subsequently in Trondheim in the north of Norway. According to one school of thought, Eriksson sailed off course on his way back to Greenland and landed on the North American continent. Half a millennium before Columbus Leiv Eiriksson c. 970 – c. 1020) was an Icelandic explorer and the first as for now known European to have discovered North America (excluding Greenland), before Christopher Columbus.

Erik the Red is remembered in medieval and Icelandic sagas as having founded the first continuous settlement in Greenland.

He is believed to have been born in 950 on the southwestern of Norway. Erik’s father, Thorvald Asvaldsson, was exiled for manslaughter methods

Thorvald Asvaldsson (Old Norse: Þórvaldr Ásvaldsson) was the father of the colonizer of Greenland, Erik the Red, and grandfather of Leif Ericson, who visited North America centuries before Christopher Columbus. Thorvald's father was Ásvald Ulfsson, whose father was Ulf Oxen-Thorisson, whose father was Oxen-Thorir, brother of Naddodd, discoverer of Iceland. Naddodd was a Norwegian who was sailing from Norway to the Faroe Islands in the ninth century.


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