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Native American history

Native American history
In 1948, he was appointed tribal historian and anthropologist,appeared in several documentaries of the Battle of Little Big Horn Montana Territory,there the U.S. Cavalry battalion, was defeat and killed many people including the Custer Battalion, a force of 700 men led by George Armstrong Custer, suffered a severe defeat, after Public response to the Great Sioux, War varied at the time, the Battle of the Little Bighorn is one of the most famous battles in American history, Within five years, almost all of the Sioux and Cheyenne would be confined to reservations, outraged over the continued intrusions of whites into their sacred lands in the Black Hills. Doctor Joe Medicine Crow was the last person ever to meet that code.

“Dr. Medicine Crow’s life reflects not only the warrior spirit of the Crow people, but America’s highest ideas,” President Obama said in 2009


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