Avatar guinariz

Guinariz On 25/11/2010

da hora e nois true

Avatar tainy_pcr

Tainy_pcr On 24/11/2010

buenas esas un saludo ke ande bn

Avatar stylegrafia

Stylegrafia On 23/11/2010

loka essa parada ki o denis fez

Avatar stylegrafia

Stylegrafia On 23/11/2010


Avatar pilhadores

Pilhadores On 23/11/2010

loko pode cre ai tru!

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  • flowerpower


    flowers in their natural surroundings. No coloured or painted flowers. No other things in the picture but flowers.
    As description: Name of the flower and the country where the picture was taken.

  • buddha


    Use this Fotolog to share photographs of Buddhas.

    Photos of drawings, paintings and tattoos will be deleted.

    Please include a note with the location of the Buddha.

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