Avatar timppa55

Frosty Morning

-14 C (below freezing point, record so far this winter)

On January 08 2012 504 Views

Avatar islands

Islands On 05/10/2014

Magical !

Avatar lepotus

Lepotus On 15/07/2012


Avatar elkstar

Elkstar On 20/05/2012

Wonderful starry world!

Avatar timppa555

Timppa555 On 09/04/2012

(follow the link!)

Avatar unami_go

Unami_go On 07/03/2012

Wonderful!!! But let us see some spring pictures now! Nu är det vel dags at komme med några vår bildar, inte sant?

hugs, ERwin

Avatar isabolboreta

Isabolboreta On 14/02/2012

que frioo!!

Avatar tess

Tess On 14/01/2012

great shot, well done!

Avatar elkstar

Elkstar On 09/01/2012

Here it looks like spring, we had the first blossom and no real winter yet :/

Avatar puppy_k

Puppy_k On 08/01/2012

In the winter, it gets cold. I am glad I am here, not there.

Avatar kasumi67

Kasumi67 On 08/01/2012

I would detest the cold, but the view is fabulous ! :)


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