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NOTA(superarchirequetecontramilviejisima)...a Luke Pritchard

“...We’re a pop band who writes pop songs
and we have attitude and we’re people.
We’re not plastic; we’re not trying to be celebrities.
I think with our music, the stuff that we’re writing at the moment,
there’s a lot of stuff we’re trying to talk about…
We’re living in a society which is gonna fuckin’ fall someday
and everyone is just deluded into this hypnotic world of
"I’m gonna be unhappy all my life so one day I’ll be happy.
I’ll go to work and be unhappy
so that when I get home I can do this."
There’s some serious stuff going on, man.
It’s about time things changed....”

So says Luke Pritchard, all beatific smiles, one fair
afternoon on the streets of North London.

On March 29 2008 2 Views

Avatar the_blocparty

The_blocparty On 30/03/2008

a mi tambien me encantan jijiji

buena foto
nos leemos

Avatar simplement_music

Simplement_music On 30/03/2008

buena pic
muy felicies jiji

Avatar elijahhh

Elijahhh On 30/03/2008

dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres

Avatar kooonk

Kooonk On 30/03/2008

y yo quiero una como la de luke! nose por que pero me encanta...
a el tambien parece porque la usa siempre y aparte esos pantalones y botas son geniales! y ese sombreito ingles mata!

mucha suerte !



Avatar sommedday

Sommedday On 30/03/2008

q amoresss (L)

buen domingooo

besos =)

Avatar james_righton

James_righton On 30/03/2008

Everybody smiling! =D shuahsass

Avatar psychopsylocibn

Psychopsylocibn On 30/03/2008

mucha onda!
fui al uni club y pasaron bocha de temas!
me puse contento! ^^

Avatar agosprincesacool

Agosprincesacool On 30/03/2008

beso qe andes re bien :)

Avatar myradiovintage

Myradiovintage On 30/03/2008

q bonitos

Avatar alexturner08

Alexturner08 On 30/03/2008

quiero todos los sombreros de Luke (?) jaja besos;)

Avatar readysteadyggo

Readysteadyggo On 30/03/2008


Avatar neruco

Neruco On 29/03/2008


gracias por el post

va cuidese



Avatar pachulain

Pachulain On 29/03/2008

sisisi porque todo lo que se pronuncia con su voz es perfecto

Avatar bohemian_kingdom

Bohemian_kingdom On 29/03/2008

paper dreams honeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
mis saludos ke estees bien

Avatar meliimona

Meliimona On 29/03/2008


SOI http://malaa_la_actitud

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