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Phone: 1 - 480 - 720 - 6666 I will be dead and gone in a few short years, and my name with all of those fancy letters behind it will soon be forgotten. The only lasting difference my life can make is through helping the lives of individual people, and through helping save Our Mother, The Earth. I will never be a great photographer, given that I am in a wheelchair with the use of only one arm, but I hold in my spirit something more important then technical skill. My entire life, I have had a passion for helping others along the road of life, because I know that it only takes one person can make a difference in the life of another. My profile and e-mail name, The Great Clod, is taken from The Classic Taoist Text, Chuang Tzu, where it is used 4 times. For example: “The Great Clod burdens me with form, labors me with life, Eases me in old age, and rests me in death. So if I think well of my life, For the same reason I must think well of my death.”

Music : Jimmy Webb Robert Plant Tears for Fears

Movie, TV Show, Book : Black Orpheus, Orfeu Negro (Marcel Camus) Koyanisqatsi (Life Out of Balance) The Year of Living Dangerously (Linda Hunt) Clockwork Orange (Stanley Kubrick) Charley Bubbles (Albert Finney)

Sports : Life

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