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Crucigramas y sopas de letras para niños

Crosswords and wordsearches is what I'm trying to come up with for the children I'm giving English lessons to. I know it takes more than that to teach a different language, but I'm trying to find ways to make the class interesting for them so they feel it's not one more boring subject they have to pass, but an hour where they can have a some fun. It sounds a little unrealistic, but from my point of view, knowing a second language is quite amusing. You are part of a large group of people who can speak a common code and that feels good. If I can encourage them to learn it, it's all worth it.


My day started by being late to class. That's so common in me I bet anyone who knows me is not surprised. Then after my morning classes I met with my friend Felipe and we had a heart-to-heart, like we always do. We hadn't seen each other in a while, so we had some things to talk about and catch up. The rest of my day has been watching TV and staring at my computers screen. I think I'm in one of those slow days and my brain is not functioning properly.

Debo destacar que hoy hable con unas chicas que estaban informando con un pequeño stand sobre este programa de la Fundacion para la Superacion de la Pobreza. Antes se llamaba "adopta un [email protected]", pero ahora tiene otro nombre y otro enfoque para evitar que la ayuda se convierta en una situacion con limites poco claros. Quien sabe si el dia de mañana formo parte de eso tambien. Por ahora solo planeo informarme, pero si puedo formar parte de eso sin que me demande demasiado tiempo y energia, me gustaria saber como es.

It's just crazy how life changes.

So, right now I'm watching Dawson's Creek and I just realized how 90's it is, hahaha... I need to get back to my homework and preparing material for the kids.

Para terminar, espero que este flog en dos idiomas no saque de quicio a nadie. Es mi manera de practicar mi redaccion, asi que tendran que tolerarlo. Puede que hasta aprendan algo. Asi que, buenas noches.

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Avatar tebo_por_mi

Tebo_por_mi On 22/04/2010

uiiiiiiii se le rompio la ampolleta?
no sera q esta creciendo?

Avatar totorobeckham

Totorobeckham On 22/04/2010

I actually love it!
It helps me not to forget how to write or speak english.

Hope you come with a good idea ( kids can be nerve racking!)
A big hug and loads of good vibes on everything!

Avatar ilov3electro

Ilov3electro On 21/04/2010

me ayudas con 2 firmitas :/

Avatar atzurweb

Atzurweb On 21/04/2010

tienes un buen nivel de inglés ^^


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