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Lá em breve textos e rimas com mais frequência... <A HREF="http://textodotesta.blogspot.com" TARGET=_top>http://textodotesta.blogspot.com</A>

On August 05 2007 3 Views

Avatar fatpridehc

Fatpridehc On 22/08/2007

demorou pra mim entender o que era isso na foto :P


Avatar kyotohc

Kyotohc On 18/08/2007

Fala Testa...

Dalhe hardcore...


Avatar laionshert

Laionshert On 07/08/2007

preciosas fotos en B&N..

Respire bien

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    Texture goes beyond mere pattern or form into something more complex and organic that you could touch, feel and maybe even identify with your eyes closed if your hand were big or small enough. These are visual representations of a non-visual sense: touch.

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