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Cookietattoo On 16/10/2012

Excuse me!!Tattoo Supplies! if need to buy, please make a order on our website:

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Yoyo_tattoo1 On 19/07/2011


I'm YoYo from yuelong tattoo supplier Co.Ltd in china, we are a factory for tattoo materials,we wholesale and retail tattoo equipment, we have all kind of tattoo products.

Recently we have some new style tattoo products on our website and our price is so cheap,mybe you can visit our website?www.yuelongtattoo.com
Tattoo book: US$5.00/pcs
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Tattoo Tips: (1R ,5R ,7R ,9R ) US$0.60/pcs

Tattoo needles
1RL USD1.90/box 50pcs/box
3RL USD1.90/box 50pcs/box
5RL USD1.90/box 50pcs/box
3RS USD1.90/box 50pcs/box
5RS USD1.90/box 50pcs/box

It will be appreciated if you can give me a reply. thanks

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Beyondtattoo On 07/01/2011

New Arrival Rotary Tattoo Machine , pls view our Fotolog to know more ;


Thank you

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Beyondtattoo On 19/11/2010

nicee tattoo ,good job man



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Beyondtattoo On 28/07/2010

Superior cool tattoo , amazing, good job Man :D !!

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Alinachao On 26/07/2010

Hello,friend.do you remember me?I am Alina from yuelong tattoo supply company in China. we have change our price a lot,

tattoo needles
1RL USD 3.50
3RL USD 3.50
3RS USD 3.50
5RS USD 3.50
5RL USD 3.50
7RL USD 5.00
tattoo machine is USD 6.00 ---------USD 20.00

Meanwhile we have some new products on our website, if you are free, welcome to visit it.

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have a nice day!

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Alinachao On 23/06/2010

Hello, I'm Alian from yuelong tattoo supply company in China.Do you need tattoo equipment?we have some new style tattoo machines,great quality and unique design.Most importanty,the price are very attractive.I think you will like it.
tattoo needles
1RL USD 3.50
3RL USD 3.50
3RS USD 3.50
5RS USD 3.50
5RL USD 3.50
7RL USD 5.00
tattoo machine is USD 6.00 ---------USD 20.00
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Placebo1 On 29/04/2010

haha what the fuck is that suppose to look like??

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Bjmo On 09/01/2010

please check out my videos!



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Atroe_one On 31/10/2009

los vi todos!!


se pasan!!

saludos buen flog....

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Moviesbythird On 15/10/2009

Actualizado el fotolog; Hoy: Dead Snow, "esa de los zombies nazis"!

Avatar moviesbythird

Moviesbythird On 14/10/2009

He creado un fotolog de criticas de cine; pasate!


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Pata_do_camelo On 09/10/2009


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Rudolv_fenema On 21/08/2009


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Bieenpiolaa_vd On 29/06/2009

qe es eso? :P


Floor ;

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