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How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet

While working with Samsung Galaxy tablet on daily basis, some users might face the critical situations like processing of android device is very slow, Application takes time to open, Hang while playing games etc. The only solution to curb this out is that backup all your data to a secondary location (maybe on your computer or a removable SD card) and Hard Reset of your Android Device so that any corruption in OS files might be sort out in very less time without any need of applying technical skills.

Before Hard Reset of your Mobile Phone, Get stores all your confidential mobile data to any secondary storage drive so that we easily restore files to your tablet after Hard Reset process completes.

Steps to carry out Hard Reset of Samsung Galaxy Tab :---->

Step 1: Switch Off your Samsung Galaxy Tablet Device

Step 2: Press the Power and the Volume Up button together and when you seen Samsung Galaxy Tablet Logo appears, Release them and Now you are in Android recovery mode

Step 3: Use Volume Down button to go to the wipe data/factory reset option appeared on display screen (Volume Up and Volume Down buttons are used to select the displayed options on the Android system recovery screen).

Step 4: Once the Option is highlighted, Use Power button to select that one

Step 5: On the next screen, press the Volume Down button multiple times until “Yes -- delete all user data” option is highlighted.

Step 6: Press the Power button to hard reset the Samsung tablet device as w

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