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Jugoseando_piola On 07/04/2007

nice flog.f/fpiola's

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Zatta On 01/11/2005

nice job

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Acid_junkie On 02/06/2005

prrrrrrr ^^

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Trimtab On 15/04/2005


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Markal On 30/03/2005


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Arto On 14/03/2005

kitty, or moray eel? welcome back...


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    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing the inside of your home (or any interesting interior you`d like to post!). Please upload via the link under the title of this log. Thanks.

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    About this `Log:
    this fotolog documents the human-scale chess project. i welcome your photos of the human scale chess game, or photos of chess in your area, or anything else that might be related. please note that i will delete anything that does not fit within this theme.

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