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born in New York City at Doctor`s Hospital. about me: I love rain My main camera for fotologging was the Canon S400. Now it is the Canon 20D. Special guest starring cameras include: Lomo LCA, Olympus Stylus, Nikon F3, Poloroid Spectra, Holga. My favorite Fotolog movies are: Blowup Eyes of Laura Mars 3 Days of the Condor One Hour Photo High Art Salvador Lost in Translation Memento Se7en The Edge bands I shoot are Silversun Pickups, STUN, Space Mtn and Faculy X, with more to come. <A HREF="" TARGET=_top></A> <A HREF="" TARGET=_top></A> <A HREF="" TARGET=_top></A> I also shot an entire product line for a store`s online shopping website. <A HREF="" TARGET=_top></A> p.s. i am colorblind email to: [email protected]

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