Avatar super8mm

fotolog still not working so good from what I can gather, a year later.

see you on Flickr

On October 17 2006 11 Views

Avatar andreamurphy

Andreamurphy On 17/10/2006

bummer! flickr confounds me. eh. so does fotolog. don't forget us old skool floggers while yer gone.

Avatar marilin

Marilin On 17/10/2006

yeah, ok, but visit flickr more often then;)

Avatar unter_geiern

Unter_geiern On 17/10/2006

yeah!!! super8mm lives! what a surprise - what a joy! welcome back. may you stay...

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    Jumping on the "sad" bandwagon, this is a grouplog dedicated to the photo documentation of sad, homeless, broken and abandoned televisons(computers don`t count). Please note where photo was taken.

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