Avatar unter_geiern

Unter_geiern On 05/04/2006

I was very pleased when I discovered some of your pictures inside the new fotolog-book today. This reminds me how much I miss your witty and ironic pictures on fotolog.

Avatar mikeque

Mikeque On 02/02/2006

dude! come back alread, or are you too good for fotolog?

Avatar vanessav

Vanessav On 05/09/2005

gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag Walbie! (that's Dutch)

Avatar vanessav

Vanessav On 05/09/2005

gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag Walbie! (that's Dutch)

Avatar en_obra

En_obra On 01/09/2005

hello mani invite you to my new photogroupabout architecture, buildings,experimental design, and more...you can upload your photos of anybuilding you want...also plans, renders, industrial design,experimental works, and innovative ideas.you are welcome to the first fotologabout architecture and experimental design...best wishes for you and for your countrykisses from buenos airesargentinajuanito

Avatar anon_ms_b

Anon_ms_b On 28/08/2005

polaroids and an unmade bed... partying, boys?

Avatar fotoloco

Fotoloco On 27/08/2005


Avatar amf

Amf On 27/08/2005

Polaroids are the best!

Avatar the_ginger

The_ginger On 27/08/2005

i love polaroids!:D

Avatar walb

Walb On 27/08/2005

haha thank u!!

Avatar mikeque

Mikeque On 27/08/2005

not really... but maybe

Avatar marilin

Marilin On 27/08/2005

today's Walbie's birthdaytranslation of my caption is: "whose birthday is today" or something like that in Dutch(I'm learning Dutch)

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