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Friday was Yap's birthday, you can wish her a happy belated here
<A HREF="http://www.fotolog.net/juliyap" TARGET=_top>http://www.fotolog.net/juliyap</A>

On August 15 2005 16 Views

Avatar beanie

Beanie On 09/12/2005

WOAH! Fancy! Birthday cake is my absolute favorite. No need for ice cream....im a purist.

Avatar shoot_out

Shoot_out On 23/10/2005

I uploaded my last picture on Fotolog today. Take care, Super8mm, and thank you!

Avatar hotelpsicodelico

Hotelpsicodelico On 23/08/2005

YEAHwe invite you to visit our hotelpsicodelico...NAHA!!!*******

Avatar the_ginger

The_ginger On 21/08/2005

great birthday cake!nice colors

Avatar unter_geiern

Unter_geiern On 16/08/2005

I'm really jealous, I've never got such a great birthday cake in my whole life...

Avatar anon_ms_b

Anon_ms_b On 16/08/2005

really well done shot

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