Avatar super8mm

my neighbors new um..."dog".
Actually it's a coyote that's been hanging in their yard all day,
not sure why...no roadrunners or Acme supplies around.

On August 12 2005 18 Views

Avatar tvc15

Tvc15 On 07/09/2006


Avatar cosmica

Cosmica On 14/05/2006

so cuteee, and mysterious

Avatar marilin

Marilin On 15/08/2005

you're faster than himyou caught him!

Avatar mikeque

Mikeque On 14/08/2005

maybe there are tasty little kittens.... looks sort of like my clyde...

Avatar fotoloco

Fotoloco On 13/08/2005

the trap is setupgreat capture;)

Avatar morelle

Morelle On 13/08/2005

it's vampire's day, actually...and to celebrate, my dearest nephew posing for me! ;)how're doing?xoxo

Avatar bobbi

Bobbi On 13/08/2005

and you sat in the tree all day?

Avatar amf

Amf On 12/08/2005


Avatar the__raindrops

The__raindrops On 12/08/2005

verde q te qiero verdeverde como mi fotover de colores

Avatar juliyap

Juliyap On 12/08/2005

good thing we don't have any babies for him to eat

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