Avatar davidbivins

Davidbivins On 22/01/2006


Avatar chio_perez

Chio_perez On 09/08/2005

Very nice idea...Nice color theme!great as always...

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Thebutcher On 09/08/2005

kick ass shot, i love it!

Avatar unter_geiern

Unter_geiern On 09/08/2005

As children we asked ourselves if the people on the other side of the globe walk upside down... Re: Thanks for your review. I can understand that one doesn't like "L.A. Crash" because it's very artificial, emotionally manipulative & overwhelming (although I liked it). Your parallel between "Blade Runner" & "Collateral" sounds very plausible.

Avatar bobbi

Bobbi On 09/08/2005


Avatar anashio

Anashio On 09/08/2005

upside down.cool reflection!

Avatar cagarte

Cagarte On 08/08/2005

Ya que nos atrazamos kon la creacion de la pagina voy a ir subiendo fotos atraves de este nuevo flog!!! nose...un espacio para mostrar lo que hacemos...espero ke les guste!!!!atte Distilla (C.A.G.A.RT.E)

Avatar amf

Amf On 08/08/2005

Perfect shot! Nice color.x)

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