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Further catching up-on of things I did whilst away from Fotolog (second in a series...which could be huge, since I've been away FOREVER):

- I lost 28 lbs.

Without dieting or going to the gym all that much.

Moving to the city in October suddenly meant walking everywhere, so at first they sort of melted off gradually, especially since I live uphill and everytime I took the subway, it meant walking a minimum of 1.5 miles.

But then in December, while mourning my Father and my Grandmother, I dropped 15 lbs in under a month, which is hardly a fortuitous development. I've managed to gain about five lbs back but more importantly, I've stabilized at a set point of 135, which is what my Mother and Doctor are comfortable with me weighing (I'm 5'6").


Moms: Can you send me a picture of you? A recent one?

Me: Sure. There are only 4,000 online.

Moms: I'm serious I-- really? That many?

Me: On my flickr...that site I showed you which is like a bunch of photo albums.

Moms: Where you finally met Malayalees?

Me: That's fotolog.

Moms: Oh. And you said they were all Malayalee GIRLS, correct?

Me: Whatever. The latter is more like a blog, it involves more writing/dialogue...which is how I made said GIRL friends. Flickr is that thing I used at home to upload 200 pics at a time from your desktop, remember? When I was packing and you were mad that I was "fooling around with the computer"? And I told you that I was multi-tasking?

Moms: No.

Me: Nevermind. What or whom is this picture for edi?

Moms: Nothing, edi. No one.

Me: Who wants a picture of me again?

Moms: Maybe...your...Auntie does?

Me: MOM. Tell her to give up. I'm THIRTY-fucking-TWO. Whatever divorced Jacobite guy she's talking to deserves some bitch with fresh eggs. And you may quote me.

Moms: I pray that you stop cursing when you actually find the one.

Me: Fo' reals? You think THAT will be the sign? I won't fucking say "Fuck, fuck, fuck" all the fucking time?

Moms: Sigh.

Me: I don't want to send a picture to Auntie. I know what it's for.

Moms: Just send a picture from after church, will you? That way you won't be dressed like a hooker.

Me: Whores are people too, you know.

Moms: Yes, I know and that's why I love you dearly. Now send something so she'll SHUT UP. Do it for me, please, I can't take the nagging.

Me: I thought you talked to her...actually, all of them.

Moms: I did. They no longer believe you are lesbian. They figured out you were buying time.


Moms: Please? Send a suitable picture?

Me: Oh, I'll send you something suitable...

Moms: Promise me one thing monay--

Me: Anything, Ma.

Moms: No pictures with your middle finger expressing itself. Please. I know that's what you always do for biodata photos, but...

Me: Mummy, I promise on my Hermes scarf collection that my middle fingers will behave in a manner most lady-like.

Moms: Oh, what a relief. I'm so sorry you have to do this. I wish she respected your wishes to be left alone.

Me: No worries. I love you.

Moms: I love you too, monay. And I know that when you are meant to, you will find him. And you will not want a big circus wedding, but a humble, naadan ceremony in Kerala--

Me: I want Vera or Monique and St. Pat's.

Moms: Maybe you won't?

Me: Seriously?

Moms: Sigh.


Moms: LATHA. WHAT are you DOING in those pictures????

Me: Chewing bubble gum. Terrible habit, not good at all for my health. Really must quit.

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Preetalina On 02/04/2007

A N N A, this was _hilarious_! I want my kids to be able to talk to me so openly. :) (One day far in the future when I have kids.)

Avatar anon

Anon On 26/02/2007

damn you've become skinny. holy shit.

Avatar yeti

Yeti On 26/02/2007


Avatar krustymol

Krustymol On 23/02/2007

Whores ARE people too. I'm glad you made your mummy recognize.You look fab, as usual.

Avatar avasa05

Avasa05 On 23/02/2007

i love how real you can be with your mom in your conversations..i think thats great!

Avatar shirleyjohn

Shirleyjohn On 22/02/2007

I love your conversation with your mom. Hilarious!!! You look absolutely wonderful!!!

Avatar terence

Terence On 20/02/2007

"Me: Whores are people too, you know. "hahahah....

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Confused morsel On 20/02/2007

ok. my mistake. not really seeking a square off. Just saying I saw this guy and spent a few nights reading your blog from start to finish...no big deal. thanks.-k

Default Avatar

Double wtf On 20/02/2007

who's the flickr guy? and what do porsches have to do with any of it?

Default Avatar

AG On 20/02/2007

jeezus girl - make a sandwich!

Avatar wtf

Wtf On 20/02/2007

have i been reading the wrong (rarely-updated) blogs? when did she mention anything about getting engaged? where's the porsche?

Avatar monty

Monty On 20/02/2007

...you are still the most beautiful person I know.

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Confused morsel On 20/02/2007

huh. I thought you were getting engaged already to that flickr guy.

Avatar stacymary

Stacymary On 19/02/2007

hahaaa..too funny!you look great!

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That Dude On 19/02/2007

You look great. And dialog with your moms, whenever I curse, my moms says "Why do you say such ugly words." Hits me and then says "It's not nice ma". Anyway.... you look great.

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