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Sufisticate`s honey (please wait for pic to load before going Mawlana on me - once pic is loaded, please go mawlana on me. )

On February 02 2005 40 Views

Avatar sufisticate

Sufisticate On 12/02/2005

ALDO jersey gardens mall - they were nicer when i bought them - when did this become fashionblog?

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Leena from squig On 10/02/2005

Where did you get those shoes?!

Avatar najm

Najm On 10/02/2005

This 10 comment limit is the sux, you need a real blog. Hope you and the honey are getting along just fine. You`re in my du`as.

Avatar zremmas

Zremmas On 05/02/2005

that`s a sweet honey you got there

Avatar baji

Baji On 04/02/2005

LB loves those little honey bears. she hasn`t finished the jar of honey she has on her shelf yet, but when she saw the little bear, she wanted to get it. marketing genius!

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Abez On 04/02/2005

Do they know you`ve got a honey in the office? haw haw

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Maulana2 On 03/02/2005

Where all za honey at?

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Owl On 03/02/2005

What could you possibly need honey for at work?

Avatar chocobean

Chocobean On 03/02/2005

Hahaha good one, man. :)

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Mawlana On 02/02/2005

tobah tobah tobah! *hands to ears* la howla wa la quwwata illah billah, honey on the same desk as ur five million papers?! and shoes?! Zat is bid`ah in ze highest form yakhi! You subbozed to but it on bancakes.


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