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ta2 artist Dirk Zoschke @sub art tattoo
watch out for sub art tattoo street team 2017

SUB art Tattoo 16227 Eberswalde -Germany- Spechthausenerstr.2


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On April 18 2017 at Eberswalde, Brandenburg, Germany 312 Views

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Amoxenyte On 09/09/2017

Friends for years wanted me to takeup on tattooing for many years. "I said naw' Let the professionals do it all. I draw ink drawings when Im only bored. And thats fun enuff on its own.

My skills as an artist is like many many, and its only art that tantalizes my mind when i want to cruise on a smooth-ink river. ......"To find where im heading at end of finished work."

Fulguriteman on Amoxenyte at ebay. Is another fun squeeky strange fun i do when i haven't anything to doo.

Have Fun Real Ink Artists! Its Amazing to look at and see the all different and almighty uniqueness and incredible.

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