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“He became my mentor. I’d go and play darts round at his house. And then Johnny Depp ended up playing my darts nemesis, Chick Purchase. It all just got more and more bananas. There was this moment when I was sitting there having lunch with Johnny Depp and Bobby George, the three of us, at Elstree [Studios]. Johnny had no idea who Bobby was and Bobby had no idea who Johnny was, but they got on like a house on fire. Johnny even stole some of Bobby’s little one-liners and put them in the film. He’s clever like that. He picks things up.”

— Jim, on working with pro dart player Mr Bobby George and Johnny Deep

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Filmovietime On 02/11/2014

JODIDAMENTE hermoso *-* viste la nueva pelicula de terror de epoca que saco? Yo tengo un enlace me la pasaron el otro dia a ver si la veo rapido por que me tiene muy buena pinta!


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