Avatar camicarrara

Camicarrara On 17/01/2009

rubioo, te qiero mucho:)
espero qe nos veamos eeee, como dijimos:)

Avatar slowly____w

Slowly____w On 23/10/2008

pa q mas botao ste log xd

Avatar kndice_paranoia

Kndice_paranoia On 21/04/2008

hola! oye me cai bien aunqe hablemos poco.
vive la vida xDD
...vive cachantun xD

ya cuidate, nos vemos


Avatar kauroshiko

Kauroshiko On 26/07/2006

regalame este fotolog porfami mail [email protected]

Avatar emmy

Emmy On 25/05/2006


Avatar neurophobic

Neurophobic On 23/01/2006

thnx )

Avatar dora_art

Dora_art On 30/12/2005

````````*`````````````````*``````````````````````````````````*````````````````*``````````*````````````*`````````*_ HAPPY NEW YEAR! _*```````````*```*``````````````````*```````````````````````*``````````````*`````````````````````*`````````````````````````````***````***````***````***``````````````*`````````*```*``*```*``*```*``*``````````*````````````````````*``*```*``*```*``****``````````````````````````*````*```*``*```*``*```*````*``````````````````*****```***````***````***```````````*`````*````````````````````````````````````````````````````*````````````````*``````````*```````````


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  • borriscos


    All uploads should include an element of light play.
    This group is about the streaks, blurs and other
    effects caused by long exposure shots and lights.
    These blurs can be caused by the lights moving, the
    camera moving, or both lights AND camera moving. BE

    Photos that look like a failed attempt to take a night
    shot will be deleted. If you cannot hold the camera
    still enough to take a good night shot, you should
    wave it around like crazy to get a good borriscos

    You can also use lights to paint shapes in the air.
    Explore the possibilities!

  • splashing


    This fotolog is dedicated EXCLUSIVELLY for "splash pictures".A "splash picture" is usually made with water, but any kind of liquid can be used, as long as your picture "freezes" this liquid in movement, showing unusual forms.Fotolog para postagem EXCLUSIVA de fotos de "splashes".Uma foto de splash é feita geralmente com água, mas pode ser usado qualquer tipo de líquido, contanto que se consiga "congelar" o líquido em situações interessantes, produzindo formas nunca dantes vistas. Se o líquido

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