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My novel Unforgettable' 38.1/44

My novel Unforgettable' 38.1/44

Kei sneaked the duplicate key of Volvo from the drawer of father’s desk and inserted the key in the dusty car. The car ran to the sea.
Occasionally, the deserted town passed, but others he found were just the dull pastoral landscape and the blaze of the afternoon light sending out the dry heat. Kei did not hate such a town and landscape, but did not want to gaze at them by preference.
On the way, the steel tower under construction was exposed to the dry light from the west in the end of the extensive country. It soared in the glaring light silently.
On 8th of January, the beach was almost deserted and the cold wind just ran through Kei’s feet.
When the top of waves broke and came down to his feet, he bent down to scoop up them with his hands. The gray shingle that crumbled to pieces was left in his palms. The wet palm that was numb with the north wind shone coldly in the sunlight pouring. Kei scooped up the wet shingle repeatedly, took a few steps back and sat down on the dry sand. Just beside him, the broken bottle of Coke stuck slantingly like inclining the head.
Kei felt that the sound of waves that surged and returned sounded bigger than that in summer. It was such a low, heavy wave that the freezing wind from the far north got in the swell of the sea, washed away slowly dredging up the bottom of the dark sea and blew up to the sea that stagnated again

But Kei was calm. It was totally different from that in summer. Kei was relieved to feel that time surely passes.
Kei didn’t hear from Kaori even after the New Year started. Kei thought that even Kei had seen Kaori, he would repeat the same thing if he had no intent to contact her somehow. But there was a call from Rika only once.

It was the morning of January, 3, but almost the sequel to last evening. Kei received a call from Naoya after a long time. Kei was asked to have a drink at the bar opened by a boyfriend of Yurika’s friend in Chiba. Kei went there hesitating somewhat because he felt awkward with his father who had retired.
At the counter of the poky bar on third floor of the building, they drank to a new year with beer. Naoya and Yurika deliberately concentrated on talking about an unfashionable second hand clothing store which opened recently in the local area, trying to avoid the past time. But Yurika sobered up and said in a cool tone when Naoya stood up to go to the rest room.
“We gonna take it easy because we don’ think of going to college, but what are you gonna do?”
Then she looked at the bank of noisy figures shaking and overlapping in the dark at the back and said, “You know, most of guys here are college students. They are enjoying…”
Yurika said so and Kei noticed that she looked away from the figures. Her eyes were just the same as the ones at the moment she let go her lips from Naoya behind the door.

When Naoya came back, Kei collected himself and smiled at them. He said that he will go for a blow and stood up for the lamp of emergency stairs which was lighted in the corner of the shop. He opened the door and sat down in the corner of the landing. When his hot cheeks were exposed to the freezing wind, his cellular phone vibrated.
There was a phone number unregistered, but Kei had slight expectation and opened the cellular phone without hesitation. He heard Rika’s depressed voice like she was sounding out.

“How are you?”
“That’s what I want to say. How are you doing?”
Kei also answered in a lukewarm voice as same as Rika’s. A long silence continued. Kei thought of many words to express thanks and an apology for Rika, but none of them sounded senseless even if uttered. He sympathized with Rika’s silence over the phone. Rika said after a deep sigh.
“A Happy New Year!”
“My best regards to you!”
“Hey, stop it.”
Suddenly Rika’s voice sounded watery. It was a muffled voice.
“I don’t like you, Kei. I hate you. You are indecisive, though there is something defiant about you. But when it comes to the point, you are not reliable all the time… I like a masculine guy. A guy who is frank, simple and no satirical…A strong, tough guy who is brown from the sun….I don’t like you, hate you….really don’t like you…”

The phone made noise. Kei stood up and went up to the landing to get a cell phone signal. The wall of the next, sheer building was dusty in gray across from him. Kei sat on the rails, slowly moved and stretched his hand to touch the dirty wall. Kei’s fingertips swung and floated within his reach to the wall. Meanwhile Osawa’s message to Rika flitted through his mind. But Kei thought that nothing will improve if he tells the message to her now. He thought that it rather will bring confusion up again.


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