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My novel Unforgettable' 39/44

My novel Unforgettable' 39/44

Kei shut his mouth to Rika’s silence and then answered. A flash sparkled from somewhere and Kei said quietly in the silence.
“Sorry, I‘m so sorry…”
Rika managed to control her sob with Kei’s soothing words and finally said.
“Someday I will be more beautiful than Kaori and make you regret….I won’t look back at you if I pass you in the town…. If I pass you and look at you through sunglasses in a convertible, you will vanish away like a wind in an instant….When you notice me, you will regret because I’m such a beautiful girl. You will think that you should have hugged me. I’m sure to make you regret…..”

Kei repeated “I’m sorry.” Then Rika shouted at him.
“OK. You can live like that, apologizing easily. You may take it easy. You are dishonest….too dishonest…”
Kei kept silent and strained his ears for the phone. Rika often sniffed and murmured.
‘Good bye…Kei”
Kei closed his eyes and looked up at the sky. The freezing wind passed through Kei’s throat and a lump of heat which fell down vertically dissolved into his eyelid. The north wind which never stopped and the heat of the sun that looked to stay there forever overhead …Kei’s shoulders stiffened up. Time stopped like sticking there. Kei slowly opened his eyes, pulling up the blurred, red eyelid. The white light in the blue sky swirled widely in the pupils and was scattered.  

Kei gave a deep sigh and knelt down on the sands. A slight heat gathered in the bosom of the sand came through 501 jeans. He leaned his hands and gazed at the sand that turned bright for a while. The inside of fingertips trembled feebly. Then he made his forefinger put up and slide it slowly.
Brown quicksand ran like dragging Kei’s shin when he drew huddling himself. It goes away thinly like weaving silk, dyeing the dazzling white beach amber.
Kei drew for a while. Then he ducked his head when the freezing wind blew hard and gave a deep sigh. The sigh was crushed in an instant and inhaled behind the sun.

Kei gazed at the lightness of the waves and knelt down facing to the sun again. He fixed on the seawall far, dusting grains of shingle. Two small figures were romping with the waves. Kei took a deep breath.
He opened his eyes wide at the whiteness of sand. He controlled his anger with pathos against Osawa, removed Rika’s sob thinking of Kaori’s sweet warmth and a soft smile.

The tremble on the fingertips vanished and Kei heard little sound. He put up his forefinger feeling the faint heat in the closed eyelids and drew a line blowing lightly. It took one minute or less to draw it, but Kei gazed at it. The outline was so simple that he couldn’t believe it was his work. Kei shifted a little. He dispelled the existence of Rika and his father and kept on drawing. In a short time, Kei was drawing the same line. The line was so delicate and so beautiful as to fascinate Kei irresistibly, just a drawing of outline, though.

Kei moved back. In a moment when he put his finger to try to draw again, he had a stabbing pain in his forefinger. He saw a fragment of glass bottles being washed away by quicksand, sending out sharp light over the sand. Kei looked back at the first drawing, putting his red, oozing finger in the mouth. For a second there was just Kaori’s calm face merging into the wall with white light. She was closing her small nose to little baby's breath. It sprung a bit from her profile and kept its eyes front.

Kei laid his body chilled to the bone. He lifted his cold forehead and lay on his back.
Circles of light which looked clear like early summer poured in folds to the spreading view before Kei.
Kei drew in that way alone, but he didn’t notice that the drawing turned out good because he was alone.

He lay down on the bed without taking a shower, straining his ears for a sound that his father made downstairs.
Outside the window, the cold moon shed a pale light blurring the outline. It was such a quiet night with a shroud of deep darkness.
The cellular phone vibrated and he reached his hand for it. There was a sign of a call from a public phone. Kei sat on the bed and opened the cellular phone in two with his thumb.
“Are you well?”
It was Kaori.
For a second he strangely got nervous at her feeble voice and his heart leaped up. The window frame throws a square of light shadow at his feet.
“….What’s the matter?”
“Nothing particular.”
“Are you okay?”
The silence fell down. It was hard for Kei to imagine that Kaori was holding the receiver. Kei kept silence and Kaori said quietly.
“I am in your town now.”


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