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My novel Unforgettable' 43/44

My novel Unforgettable' 43/44

Walking diagonally across the empty T- crossing, Kei peered into three ways. Osawa’s red car Kei has seen before was not found. Kei stopped when he ran up the gradual slope and saw the fence at the station over there. Then he flung Osawa’s card on the road. The whiteness of the card stood out in the cold, dull color. In the white breath Kei expired, he thought that Osawa’s card has stuck to that place long time

Kei slowly picked it up and turned it gasping many times. On the reverse of the card, English sentence translated from Japanese and 11 figures of a cellular phone which looked Osawa’s were written down like flowing busily.
Kei twisted it in the back of the pocket reversing his steps and crushed it in his hand hard.

On the evening of the day, Kei cleared up his room briefly and left home. Kei heard his father’s voice when he was lacing up the shoestring at the front door as he did in the morning. It was a gentle voice as if he saw through the whole time Kei didn’t see.
“Come back anytime…Your house is here.”
Kei didn’t answer. He closed the door looking up at the red sky. Across the dead branches of roadside trees, the shade of the clouds streaming to the west in a gentle arc was swallowed up in the dark evening sun.


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