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My novel Unforgettable' 44/44

My novel Unforgettable' 44/44

In the train which was crossing the river just at the border, Kei repeatedly recalled Kaori’s word she left when she suddenly stopped on the way to the station. It was Osawa’s word. Over the river Kei looked out of the train window, the lonesome lights were sending out in places and swaying faintly.
Kaori said in a gentle voice which sounded like feeling out her memory in the middle of the upward slope, looking at the end of the light shadow which threw at her feet. Kei felt that Kaori was questioning him.
“Kei, Picasso didn’t draw his son with cubism as usual. That’s what he said….”
In Kei’s view, the dazzling light of Tokyo spread out and looked blurred.

The moment Kei opened the door of the silent room, he smelled something dry. As the room was not exposed to people’s breath a long time, Kei felt that the air of the room contained a flake of dust laid thick and the slight, sweet smell of Kaori. Besides the dark, silent room seemed to increase shades of blue and keep silence.
Kei opened the curtain and flung the window open. The wooden bolt grated a little and made a light sound. In the corner of the night sky unfolded before his eyes, a half moon like clear plastic was riding quietly.
In the bottom of the darkness, the oval light sending out a pale light swelled like swallowing the bustle of the town.

Kei took MacBook out of the drawer of the desk. When he tried to open app for radio, he saw a scrap of plain paper. It was sticking out like spilling out of the back of the book cover, Camus given from Kaori.
Kei took it. Then he removed the dusty, silver clip and opened it quietly. The dry sound of paper spread to the corner of the room and echoed faintly. In the scrap folded neatly into four pieces, soft, small letters which was particular to Kaori lined

I’ve just read your mail.
And thank you for your comment on SNS.
You wrote about studio musicians in N.Y. who were in good contact with him. It was quite plain and written in detail. I read that part over and over again.
I really appreciate it. I want to know more about it.

Is the photo on SNS a station at night?
You like drawing?
I wonder why you were drawing at night….
I think the eyes on your profile fell on the edge of the sketchbook.
I feel you were gazing at the tip.

I can’t convey well in a letter….
I fell in love with you.
I’m six years older than you, though…
Might be an act unbecoming to my age. I’m ashamed a little bit.
It’s first time I was attracted like this way, through e-mail, actually there was also a photo, though.

But I’m sure we won’t go well.
I’m sure that I will be taken with a man with romantic gray hair, though I went out with you, and you will go with a young, obedient girl, though you went out with me.
But I think it’s OK.
Now I’ve just read your mail, and I think I want to see you. You also think the same thing….
So I think it’s all right.

I’m sure that you will be a nice guy.
But you must get over various things.
Now I’m looking at your photo and one expression came into my mind.
Ecstasy and anxiety of those who were chosen….
I chose you.
Besides, I believe you whom I’ve never seen.

Most guys use common words, I love you.
I like ordinary words, I believe you more than familiar words, I love you.
And I’m sure that you will appreciate the words someday.

You might encounter many difficulties, but please believe me who believed you.
Don’t forget me as a first(?) person who believed you…..
I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow….


Kei looked away from the scrap, and looked at it again. He closed it, lay on the bed and opened it again after looking into space for a while. Then he read it from the first line again.
The chill that got in pierced Kei’s cheeks and tiptoe.
Over the words Kei went on reading, a scent of Kaori was borne.



U2 - No Line On The Horizon Live in Dublin

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Luzesdaribalta On 28/07/2011

Saudaçoes de amizade


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Stealaway On 26/07/2011


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Yiidhra On 24/07/2011

Oh, thank you so much for upploading your novel!
I have not finished the reading yet, but it is beautiful. :))

Yes, we share this space long ago.
I hope we can meet once... I wish we could.
Are you planning to visite Paris in 2012?
If so, maybe we can meet there.
I also plan to go to Paris next year.
That would be so awesome to meet there! :)
Let's see...

I wish your weekend would be wonderful too!



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