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My novel Unforgettable' 37/44

My novel Unforgettable' 37/44

Oaswa’s right forefinger pushed up the sunglasses on his nose. In the back of glasses, the cold light sparkled again.
“I need the existence of Kaori for my business.”
Osawa said quietly like adding words.
“Why on earth does my home have to do with you? It’s only Kaori’s business, right?”
“Did you hear that call, didn’t you?”
Osawa drew his chin in silence. Kei’s tense feeling changed to a sigh in a matter of seconds. Kei murmured “Kaori” in his mind, thinking of Rika’s right sense.

Kei swallowed lightly. And moreover, he asked Osawa. Kei’s voice cracked a little.
“Your wife had an abortion for you, thinking of you….”
“That’s what she decided.”
The sound of tapping the keys stopped. And Osawa stared at Kei sharply and said. The silence in the shop closed in over the table like being condensed.
“That’s why I’m here.”
Osawa rested his chin on hid hand shifting his eyes to the display and kept on talking.
“Others might think it’s a showy work, but just a fifteen minutes program. Even if other two programs are added, the total per a week will be less than 10 hours.
People who don’t listen to the program are much more than people who listen to it.
When I chose this field, I lost control of a future meaning of myself as I knew various realities. You have your father, right?”
Osawa’s eyes became gentle again and sounded Kei out. Kei looked for the answer for a while with Osawa’s gentle eyes and immediately remembered Kaori. For Kei, first, he should talk about Kaori now.

Kei took a cup, looking away from Osawa. Coffee became lukewarm and stronger.
“What for is Kaori here?”
“Kaori? What for? Did you hear the story?”
Osawa’s voice rose. Kei took the cup to his mouth again.
“Kaori is not particularly here for me. She is with me for herself. She hopes to stay with me because she can get something from me. And I want her to stay beside me.
That’s all.”

Osawa rolled lightly up his sleeves of a white shirt and drank coffee. He cast outside a glance and said quietly. The rough tone faded away.
“In future, major FM will be driven away more by radio on the Net. If my ability dies someday, I will be deserted by various things, not only Kaori. And I might lose everything I treasured. But I don’t hope to live life being afraid of losing something.”

Kei bit the lower lip. He bent his head and gazed at his 501 jeans. A fair skin looked pale from the lap fallen out. Kei felt that the skin got still whiter with Osawa’s words.
“What do you want to do with Kaori? You still want her to stay beside you?”
Osawa told gently and Kei shut the mouth tight. Osawa’s voice gradually got thinner, and swelled with tenderness, too.
“Have you thought like this? Just imagine you are so worthwhile that I am jealous of and I have such status and talent. Why didn’t Kaori leave you soon? Why didn’t Kaori try to leave you? I was jealous of you….”
Kei tolerated Osawa’s words biting his back teeth. His shoulder stiffened, and he was ashamed of himself with annoyance because on one hand he regretted coming here somewhat; on the other hand, he got a feeling of contentment somewhere. A lump in his throat was just one thing. Kei wanted to meet Kaori.
“Do you have something to ask me?”
Kei shook his head bending his head.
“I have something to ask you. No. I beg you a favor. I’m not talking about you.
A girl who was with you.”
Osawa said so and gave a deep sigh. Kei looked up at Osawa. Osawa was looking at cold street lamps in Omotesando where stillness had fallen.
“Perhaps you love Kaori, but you must not forget that girl. And I want you to apologize to her. On that day I’ve gone a little too far. I should not ask you this, but we will not meet again….”

Kei stood up to search his pocket. When the coins tinkled, Osawa who rested his gaze on the other side of the window murmured, “No.”, and said, “You have money for a taxi?”
Kei ignored the word and took a step forward, but stopped just next to Osawa. Kei’s eyes fell on Osawa’s profile. With sharp eyes Osawa searched something shimmering in the display like searching something that was still a long way off a shape. Kei glanced at a waiter in the back of the counter and started to walk to the exit.
Kei opened the door and breathed deeply in the uncomfortably warm night air. The dry scent of a shower beating the heated asphalt floated over the river of light that was formed on the road.

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