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My novel Unforgettable' 34/44

My novel Unforgettable' 34/44

Rika said raising her voice.
“I’m not interested in your husband’s success story and I have nothing to do with a sad story all the more. I want to stop everything.”
“Yea, I know….Sorry…”
Kei stared upon the image. A long silence continued and there seemed to have been a pause in the call. The darkness took on a dash of blue again and a calm voice of Osawa’s wife rose. Her next words aroused Kei’s interest, too.
“But the girl likes him, right? There are not such cool guys in the world now. They desperately brush only the appearance. There are many guys who are off the point. The girl, maybe, had the same feeling as me. Think about it well…The girl dared to choose the married man, my husband, right? Of cause, I’m not happy hearing he is loved by the girl. I’m disturbed, too….because I was suddenly informed by you.”
“Don’t you want them to break up?”
“….don‘t know”
“She will give up with your act like this?”
Rika kept silent. The cellular phone made noise in her bag.
“You are a very obedient, brave girl. You wavered much before you came here, right?”
Kei saw a light came from the darkness in her bag. For a while, the silence went on, and then Rika’s feeble sob followed. Kei held his cellular phone tight, visualizing the trembling image of Rika.
“If you have courage to come here, you should be a more wonderful girl. Don’t you think so? Maybe you could be a strong, smart, beautiful lady. I feel so….
I don’t want you to spend your time on this kind of matter now…”

Rika’s sob cracked. She cried. Kei held his breath and closed his eyes looking up into space. Kei kept his mouth shut tight. Various expressions of Rika silhouetted in his eyes and flitted through.
“I think it’s very hard to change a person’s feeling. So we had better leave it in peace for a while? OK?”
The voice of Osawa’s wife got larger and Rika’s bag shook again. Maybe Osawa’s wife approached Rika. A dash of deep blue increased in the image and Kei heard Rika’s shaking cry quietly from the image. Kei thought that Rika’s tears flew more as the image swayed delicately.

“Let’s go home, Taichi.”
Kei heard dry footsteps on the ground, and the sound gradually became larger .Kei strained to hear the sound. Then he heard a sweet voice of the boy.
“That girl was bullied by mom?”
A laugh that sounded like lulling him dropped.
“She accidentally fell over something. She can stand by herself, so let’s go home, OK? You wanna eat cookies?”
“Yeah! “ Kei heard a lively voice and her voice of collecting herself together, and the voice sounded large. Kei also heard a mumble in the voice of Osawa’s wife that died away in the distance.
“I’m indifferent to my makeup, maybe…”
Kei heard Rika’s sob that got larger from the back of image waving faintly. He said gazing at a short shadow at his feet.
“Rika, I’ll go there. Don’t go away. I’ll be right there.”
“Yeah….I’m OK….No problem, really…Thank you….Kei…”
Kei kept silent for a while hearing Rika’s words discharged barely. Then “3” on the display disappeared like being swallowed up. A normal call of two persons returned. Kei didn’t know whether it is Rika or Kaori.
“Kaori, can you hear me? Is that you?”
Kei asked so, going down the stairs to a subway, but the darkness of image kept quiet and just increased. After a while, there was a pause in the call.
Kaori is with Osawa now as Rika said? Kei didn’t think that Rika’s action was a fake. No, he should trust her action. In fact, Kei heard a reply from Osawa’s wife and a voice of a little child, so Kei should have believed Rika’s words. Kei tried to recall and arrange Rika’s words passing through a ticket gate of subway, but he had to accept the reality presented by Rika as far as she chased two persons. But Kaori’s behavior and her warmth still flitted through his mind and never went away.
Kei idly looked at the light of express train leaving, leaning against a post at the subway platform.

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