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My novel Unforgettable' 33

 My novel Unforgettable' 33

The end of central reservation looked warped with afternoon heat. The heat haze shimmered and flapped the circumference widely.
“Rika, calm down. You just hurt yourself. Kaori, can you hear me? Are you really on line? Answer me.”
“Kei, Kaori-san never answers you. You are too easy, Kei. A person who expects me most is Kaori-san. Kaori-san was waiting for this moment. Is that right? Kaori-san.”

Rika was right. If Kaori is concerned about Osawa, Kaori should want to know about Osawa right now, here. Kei forgot himself running to the stairs of subway breathlessly. Once Kei looked away from the display and looked around
The town was dancing with busy signals in the heat of midsummer. As Kei’s legs got gradually heavy, the outline of scenery became loose and motionless. Various things around Kei looked bare and floating in the space. Kei stopped and went into the narrow alley.
Kei looked down at the image again with Rika’s voice, leaning against the wall of building.
“I got to the middle of condominium. Whose kid is that playing there now?”
The front of slide appeared the moment that the hard, clear blue sky flew in a line with one color. The moment Kei looked away from the silver setting sun with a strong brightness closing down straight. The small head appeared over the light. It went up the stairs shaking right and left. Kei thought it was a boy because it romped about holding the fence on the top of the stairs.

The boy slid down splitting the sunlight and then, the back of a woman appeared suddenly. The tip of hair which grew to the back glowed on her white T-shirt and swayed. She looked like Osawa’s wife
“This is live. Listen carefully….”
The darkness fell with the dull sound of unzipping Rika’s bag. The soft light sometimes got in through the opening of her bag and the image altered into blue.

“Are you Ryou Osawa’s wife?”
There seems to be no response. It made Kei’s imagination swell more. If Kaori heard this, she would feel in the same way. If Rika’s guess was right, Osawa who was supposed to be there together should feel so.
After a short silence, she said in a transparent voice, “Yes…..” She looked like asking mysteriously.
“I’m a girl friend of a guy, Kei Kitami. He was deceived by a girl, Kaori Uemura and doesn’t face the reality.”
“I don’t understand it.” The calm voice came to his ears. Then, Rika’s slow voice sounded.
“I mean, a girl, Kaori Uemura is a hindrance to me because she has been going out with my boyfriend and your husband.”
“Your husband has been dating with Kaori Uemura. Well, I could say Kaori has been dating with your husband. Anyway, it doesn’t matter which is which.”
There was a long silence. Sometimes children’s yell floated over the darkness and died away in the distance.
Kei looked up into space vertically along the wall of a building. The snow-white cloud swam low on the tip of his eyes and drifted far.

Osawa’ wife finally opened her mouth. Her voice was much calmer than Kei thought regardless of the fantastic appearance of Rika.
“Well, I vaguely noticed …”
“So, why do you ask him? My boyfriend loves the girl. They should have broken up, but he was still chasing her. He can’t put his feelings in order.”
Kei didn’t hear Rika’s answer. Perhaps Rika nodded. Kei wiped the sweat on his eyelids and strained his ears. Kei peered into the image which made a light shade, but there was still the darkness. In the deep darkness, the chain of swing squeaked high.
“I don’t doubt you, but I’ve experienced this kind of harassment so far. Suppose your story is right and I can ask him to reform him, I could feel easy…”
“I didn’t come here all the way to tell a lie. Everything is true.”
“Yeah, I know.”
Silence fell again. The yell of children came back and sounded big, but cracked and went away. Kei lowered his breath under the heat got in.
“I was one year older than him. When he joined the same company where I worked for now, I thought I don’t have to be there. I’ve worked frantically until then. There were many trashy programs and stupid guys besides. I thought I don’t want to be outdone by anyone. But I was outdone by him from the first. Though connection is necessary in this world, he refused most of them and attracted the artists one after another, composing his inner elements concretely to appeal the artists who he regards. On the other hand, I was pregnant….but had an abortion. I felt that he doesn’t need a child at present and we could not get along if a baby is born….

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Sofiaesbella_2 On 18/01/2014

Espero que tengas un precioso fin de semana.

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