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My novel Unforgettable' 32/44

 My novel Unforgettable' 32/44

Kei nodded. Kaori might be right. Kei muttered in his mind, but what he uttered was totally different.
“That guy knows everything about me. Why did you talk to him?”
“Don’t you understand that I wanted you to be connected with him? To make Osawa-san know about you, everything is necessary.”
Kei asked all question left.
“You could have left him any moment at that time….. But you didn’t intend to leave him….”
“I couldn’t move because I lost the strength….that’s all….”
The noise of train was swollen gradually. The heavy sound passed over the thick crowd many times and swept away the silence between two. There was a long silence for a while.

Kaori looked up the sun above the bridge as if she averted her glance from Kei. Her red eyelids showed how many hours shed had waited for Kei. Then Kaori slowly fixed her eyes on Kei’s eyes and stared. Kei thought that Kaori looked another person.
“But I can do anything for my beloved person…..I’m sure.”
Kaori said it to Kei and began to walk slowly to the stairs at the station flooded with people. Kei saw Kaori off and looked fixedly at her who was slowly swallowed up by the quiet crowd with slight expectations that she might look back.

Kei went back to the slope rapidly, but found Rika nowhere. He called her cellular phone hastily and sent a mail, too. But no reply returned.
Kei thought it is no wonder. As soon as he opened the door of his room, he felt the fatigue from last night at once.
Kei spread himself on the bed and looked at a record rack. He recalled Kaori who was excited when she came to the room. He sat up and erased it with the strong sunshine through the curtain. Then, he rested his gaze on the floor. Baby's-breath was utterly yellow and dried. White petals fell from the bunch and smashed into tiny pieces.
Kei slowly got up and threw them into the sink, and lay down on the bed again.
Kei fell asleep without notice.

Kei woke up in the strong sunshine of the afternoon. He took a quick shower, got dressed and went to Rika’s apartment.
He pushed the intercom on the door of Rika’s room and knocked the door a couple of times, but the no sign of life returned. At the moment he turned back and looked up the sky with no clouds, his cellular phone rang. It was Rika. Kei leaned against the rails of the corridor and opened it hastily.
Kei wondered about Rika’s voice from the cellular phone. It was low, heavy and cool.
“Kei, we made a detour too much.”

At the same time, number 3 appeared and a conference call flashed on the upper right of the display and Rika’s eyes were imaged on the monitor. Kei lost his words looking at Rika’s cold eyes which were more transparent than the clear blue sky in the background. Rika’s smile which should had been on her face this morning died and a cold smile appeared on her lips instead.
“I’ll tell you where I am now…..to two of you, OK?”
Kei’s mouth froze with Rika’s words. Then Kei gazed at the display rotating slowly over there. At the same time, Kei doubted the third number shown on the corner.
“Rika, Is another one Kaori? Joking? You can’t know Kaori’s phone number.”
Kei said to Rika in a light voice as if he laughed it away somewhat, but the name shown on the monitor was actually her name. Rika didn’t look away and smiled at Kei who gave a bitter smile.
“I backed up whole when I copied your mail address and phone number. To my notebook PC.”
Kei’ eyes fell on outside the passage. On the right, a series of countless roofs of apparently used cars which was out of sight at night, were stuffed uncomfortably to the other side of the avenue which looked narrow. A sheaf of dazzling heat which bounced on the hood made Kei’s pupils contract. Kei withdrew his gaze from the sultry reflected heat at last and ran down the stairs in a hurry. The sweaty palm which grasped the rails was caked with reddish brown rust and the rust didn’t come off even though he tried to dust it off.

When Kei turned left at the alley, buildings competing with each other came into Kei’s view. Kei ran to the entrance to the subway at the intersection.
“I’m here, Yoga, a quiet area. Kaori-san, can you hear me? Are you with Osawa-san, right?”
The noise of the sudden brake on the street died away in the distance. The cellular phone he held looked like a hard, chilled ice. Kei strained to hear Rika’s excited voice, losing his breath in silence
“Kei, do you know where they are now? You don’t know…, in Kaori-san’s room.
But I guess you don’t admit this even if I say so. You are submissive to Kaori-san, though. I‘ve looked up Kaori-san’s act and how Osawa-san’s wife spent the time. Well, let’s bring this to an end. All is over…”

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Sofiaesbella2 On 04/08/2013

Quien aprende a abrir las manos
por solidaridad, termina abriendo
el corazon por amor.
esparce amor por el camino y
siembra estrellas de esperanzas,
y veras que un mañana tambien
brillaran para ti.



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