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My novel Unforgettable' 31/44

My novel Unforgettable' 31/44

Rika drew Kei’s back that sank down to her breast quietly. She wiped her tears with her palm and whispered in his ear.
“Kei, we can go to college together and enjoy the so-called campus life. Isn’t that great? Parties with the club members every week. How about living together after graduation? I don’t say “marriage”. I won’t rush you. If we live together, I can go to bakery with you every Sunday morning. Breads are hot straight from the oven! Must be nice. I’m sure you will be gentle.”
Kei looked up hearing her voice. Rika slowly lipped Kei’s cheek and kissed.

Rika was waiting for Kei against the soft morning sun. She took a hamburger out of a paper bag that Kei bought at a fast-food shop in the station, and then smiled with pure eyes saying, “Thank you.”
They went to Kei’s room biting a hamburger. On the way, Rika tried to talk to Kei gazing at his profile a couple of times, but withdrew her eyes immediately and kept on eating in silence.
Kei also tried to talk to Rika something and searched words, but found nothing new. He just said, “This is good”, setting Rika’s untidy hair on her ear. For a second, Rika stopped, gazed at Kei and opened her mouth thinly. But she began to walk in silence again. Perhaps she didn’t find right words.
When a shed with Ken’s room appeared on the right after going up a gentle slope, Kei stopped holding Rika’s shoulder. There were two shadows of squatting figures with legs stretched in the shade of the entrance against the morning sun.
Rika’s eyes fell on them, following Kei’s eyes. Rika lost her words for a while because she noticed who they were. She gasped biting her lips and cried lowering her sobs. Then, she whispered in Kei’s ear standing on tiptoe.
“Kei, don’t go…..Please….Let’s go back ….”
Kei gazed at Rika firmly.
“I’ll be right back.”
Rika shook her head desperately stifling a sob.
“No, never….Kei, don’t go…..”
Kaori’s ankles moved slightly when a light sound of bicycle which slid down from the top of the slope. Once it disappeared in the shade of the shed and Kaori’s shadow appeared in the morning sun.
At the moment Kei tried to call her name, Rika dropped her voice. It was a small voice, but carried well to Kaori.
"That's not fair …Really sly… Something wrong with you… Kaori-san has a boyfriend, right? Why do you run after her? … All is over between two of you…Already over…"
On the concrete road, a belt of light that came through leaves of roadside tree became complicated making mesh. In the transparent light, dry pebbles were scattered sparsely.
Kaori approached slowly and said to Rika. Kaori’s shadow became bigger and her hair swayed from side to side on her shoulder.
"Whether it has ended or not…I don’t think it's your business."
"Stop it!"
Kei suddenly spoke in a rough voice. Kaori glared at Kei. There was a flow of tears from her piercing eyes like Rika.
"She was great? Much fresher than me, right?"
She began to run leaving the words. The sound of the heel reflected on the road. The squeaking sounds rocked Key. Kei ran out and Rika’s voice scattered widely over his back.
"Not fair! Kaori-san just pretends to be adult! She is just a wheedling girl. Don't go!"
For a second Kei stopped to look back to Rika who fell down to the spot, but ran after Kaori soon.
Kaori shook away Kei’s hands forcefully when he caught her by the shoulder before the station. Commuting businessmen and students turned around to see the events. Kaori leaned herself against the show window turning her back to Kei. And she concealed her eyes with the back of a small right hand. Her lips moved lifelessly feeling indication that Kei stood slowly sideward.
"It's all right. …You do as you like. You are always running away … You would depend on anyone who can accept you … You would kiss anyone, even make love."
Her knees trembled faintly. Kei kept silent looking at it. The bustle flowing toward the station became remote.
“Kaori, I didn’t sleep with Rika.”
“Do you want me to believe it?”
Kaori smiled faintly.
“How about you,Kaori? Actually you slept with him, right?”
“Me, neither. Do you want me to believe it?”
“Why does a man dwell on it?”…You are the same as other guys…”
Kaori squeezed the word firmly from her thin body. Then, she added a few words.
“But, maybe…yeah, maybe… I love Osawa-san.”
Kei lost his strength from his whole body as if various things were spilling from the tip of fingers that trembled faintly.
Kei finally opened his mouth after a while.
“Why do you want to hold back Osawa desperately? I don’t need the existence of “Osawa”.”
“Kei, why don’t you understand me?...I want you to struggle your way upward…I just want you to do it…”
Kaori’s shoulders trembled feebly. A line of light reflected by a pane came on Kaori’s wet cheeks.
“You don’t understand it. You don’t know the machinery og society yet. How many sacrifices I made to meet Osawa-san…”

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