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My novel Unforgettable' 27/44

Kei didn’t go back to his room and stayed at the business hotel where was closest to the prep school, using the credit card given by his father.
The voice from Kaori recorded in the cellular phone and some mails as well. Kei deleted all of them without opening them. While staying at the hotel, he dropped at his room once and found Kaori’s words on a scrap of a schedule book in a mail box. “Call me. I want to see you.” The message was written in neat letters. Kei thought that he should meet Rika, not Kaori, so he went to the cram school several times. But Kei did not see Rika since that day, and had no reply from Rika though he contacted her many times.

After an interval of four days, Kei went back to his room and took a hot shower raising the heat of the water. Drips hit the eyelid and a soft heat soaked.
It was three days after the day Kaori stayed at his room. Kei was dragged out to a nearby supermarket by Kaori for buying groceries for four days
Kaori picked up fresh colorful vegetables arranged in the chill like adding colors to the beige basket with care.

Most of the vegetables Kaori took were near to primary colors. Red, green and purple vegetables made Kei image a painting in his memory.
Kei vaguely had an image of a painting in his memory looking at red, green, purple vegetables. But Kei hardly remembered even the names of those he had in his mind. The names Kei told were just Gogh and Picasso who everybody knew. Kei told Kaori about that and Kaori smiled gently and said that their paintings were that level for him.

The home-made dish Kaori cooked impressed Kei who didn’t remember mother’s dish. Kei imagined that Kaori eats out almost every day. But Kaori told with a shy smile that cooking on her own would be useful for her work that needs mainly entertaining the staff who employed her and the guests to the hall and the rough skin would disturb her job.

On the way to Kei’s room at the shed on a path by the river running along the foot of the hill, Kaori stopped suddenly on the bridge. She gazed at the thin sun setting over the river and swaying, over the parapet. Kei held the paper bag over slowly in her arms.

The surface of a river was glaring with the strong afternoon sun. It looked intense to Kei’s eyes. Kaori’s cheeks looked sweaty a bit because the light heat from there seemed to be conveyed to Kaori who gazed at it. Behind them the kids on their ways from school passed romping and Kaori opened the mouth thinly like replying to the kids

….There is various bustles in the city and the bustles pass by. If Kei wants to stop the bustles from passing by and keep them in his mind, it would not be hard. He could wrap laugh and sadness one by one with care and pack them quietly into a paper bag like the one you’ve got now.
But Kei might throw them out someday when he cannot hold the bag. It is not wrong at all. It’s no big problem about which one is right and wise, throw them out when you are walking or throw them out after you stopped? The question is that you have to make a choice someday …. And you must notice it someday…
The hours move on at each person’s pace. The speed of spending a day depends on each person. It looks alike understanding of study, efficiency of work and how to spend Sunday morning. It varies with each person…
So you must catch a moment of choice someday….I ‘m sure you can do well if you notice it before you are forced to do it

Kei turned on the tap, dropped to his knees and fell down on the spot. The dry sound of falling drips flitted through his ears. Kei squeezed his both hands and held the breath for a while, and then stifled his voice dropped from the heart clenching his back teeth. Kei was crying stiffening the whole body.

A red Japanese car for a family use that was released a few years ago and didn’t match the alley of Setagaya sent out a dull light under the cool light of street lamps. The corner of rear window cracked a little diagonally and a scratch stood out on the handle. I’m not sure that the window of the back seat is broken, but it was pulled down halfway and left open. Kei could see Kaori’s room on the 6th floor diagonally to the right over the roof. The light was not on in her room yet.

It was past 10:00 P.M. when Kei arrived there. There was almost no sign of life about. Kei gazed at the lights on the main street at the end of the shadow that extended straight. An electric sign of a small French restaurant that looked like a personal shop sent out a gentle, soft blue light. Kei remembered Kaori’s words stepping back. In past days, when Kei left Kaori’s room, she asked him to go to the restaurant together next time because it was good.


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