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My novel Unforgettable' 24/44

Rika took some cookies and a piece of short cake cut off from a whole which were set on the side of the table covered with a white race, and then took Kei’s hand and stood by the window. A quiet night view of the west exit of Shinjuku unfolded on the glass. For a moment Kei looked at the glaring neon lamps of the east exit which got entangled in the place farer and lower than that of the west exit, and then looked back to Rika.

“I guess… maybe they might find us and come here…. Not so many people here.”
Before Rika finished her words, Kei heard Kaori’s voice over his shoulder. It was a low voice like spying and kind of fearful.
“Nice to meet you.”
Rika nodded and reacted in a funny manner. Kaori realized that the girl was Rika, and said to her, “Good evening” in a descent voice like an extension of business.
“….What happened?”
“Can I talk outside?”
“OK, but…”
Kaori said that and looked at Rika. Rika put a plate in her hand on the edge of the table, and then took Kei’s hand and opened the door. The security guard was watching his cellular phone without looking at the vacant escalator going up and down. Rika turned back to Kaori and said, “Kei came here to end up with you. Tonight is the last time. He said that he won’t meet you anymore. Right, Kei?”

Kei bent his head. A dull gray of marble sent out the dim light. Kaori slowly stood face to face with Kei and turned her sparkling eyes. The back of her eyes was full of a strong light Kei didn’t know. Then Kaori began to talk quietly.
“Finally I met him…”
Kaori held out her arm and grasped Kei’s palm. Kaori’s soft warmth looked like warming him, grazing from Kei’s cold body to his heart. Kaori’s delight gushed out of the heat directly.

“Congratulations! Let’s go back, Kei.”
Kei shook off Rika’s hand. Kaori was absent –minded as much as Rika. At the moment Kei tried to say that that was good, a voice was heard from the back. The bustle which spread over the door spilled, and Osawa’s cool, low voice fell to their feet.
“I thought you were gone…”
Kei did not look back. He just gazed at Kaori’s eyes without movement. Her eyes were soft and there was a light smile on her lips. Rika boldly said.
“We are just on the way back.”
Kei shook off Rika’s hand on his arm again. Three people threw glances at the situation. For a while, the silence fell on the floor.

Kei slowly turned on Osawa. A deep blue lens caught the reflection of Kei. At the moment Osawa ran his fingers lightly through a fringe of hair on his forehead, his eyes barely appeared. The eyes were calm and something cool which had lost emotion. For a second, there was something dark and excited about Kei’s voice as he was upset at Osawa’s monotonous voice.

“Why did you act like that?....”
Kaori grasped Kei’s hands hard. She stood between two, and then shook her head. She kept her mouth shut tight to advise Kei not to ask him.
“You are Kei Kitami?”
Osawa talked in a low voice after he leaned slowly against the glass wall.
“Yes. He is Kitami, my boyfriend. Let’s go back, Kei.”
Rika said that, and took off Kaori’s hand on Kei’s hands. A short, high sound echoed to the ceiling. A security guard shot them a look. As the guard slowly approached, Osawa thrust out his left hand lightly and said to hold the guard
“My friends.”
“No kidding!”
Rika’s shrill voice crossed space. The guard who reversed his steps once approached again. Osawa hold the guard in the same way.
Kei approached Osawa, looking away from Kaori. Kei noticed his knees trembling, approaching Osawa
“Why on the radio…..?”
“She asked me the same question a little while ago. So I’ll tell the same thing as it is.”

Osawa seemed to be not interested in three, turning his back and looked down to the outside from the window. Particles of lights dotted in white below. The narrow, vertical shadows of railroad broke the lights in Shinjuku into two parts
The white lights of the west exit seen below and the colored illumination of town extending to the other side. Both were beautiful. But it seemed to Kei that the two beauties never mix together.

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