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My Novel Unforgettable' 22/44

My Novel Unforgettable' 22/44

All Translated by Yumi Ikeda .


Kei kept silent. He felt out Rika’s look and heart to say something, but he could not find anything like that. No, if he said something, she would have disappeared. Kei broke silence and said,
“You wanna see the concert? I’ll get the tickets from ticket tout. We might see her inside.”
Rika shook her head immediately.
“Impossible. It’s not sure that they are on the stage or seats. They might stay at the dressing room all the time, moving nowhere. If my guess is right, they would be at the party from the first. I’m sure they will come. So if we see the concert, we would be late for the party….Don’t you know, Kei? Everyone will go first before they make the audience get out of the hall.”

Kei was impressed by her strong tone that was unlike her and kept silent again. He looked around him for a minute and added word.
“You had not better go….”
Rika’s eyes suddenly got cloudy. She took a step close to Kei and said.
“Take me with you….I just came here for that…”

The name of a hotel Rika got from a guard was one of hotels at the west exit of Shinjyuku. It did not belong to first-class hotels among several hotels standing there. But it is relatively reasonable to stay although it stands in the area called a first class place in Tokyo and also has a high popularity among young people because the beautiful night view of Shinjuku can be enjoyed

Rika’s hand pulling Kei’s arm stopped when they got out of the subway at Shinjuku. She stopped, fixed on the valley of buildings in the light rain, and got close to a pane of first-food shop on the left. Rika’s fingertips Kei holding were chilled to the bone, but her profile watching the inside of the shop had a look like a little girl who looks at a doll in the window that she can’t get, in silence for a long time,

“I’m starving.”
Rika said with a smile and tapped Kei on the shoulder, saying that she could not work hard if she was hungry, in a cheerful voice
Rika rested her chin on her hand and looked at Kei quietly, who kept on eating French fries more than Rika. Kei noticed it and pushed pack a leaf of lettuce hanging out in the back of a hamburger.
“Nothing …..”
“It will be the time the concert is over soon.”

Kei cleared the messy table hastily. He stopped, and said to Rika who still sat there forgetting herself.
“….You don’t have to…”
“No, I just…..”
Rika cast up her eyes that fell on the table to Kei slowly. Her wet eyes looked like wrapping something up, and Kei looked away from them in his haste. Rika bang the table with her both hands.
“Let’s go.”


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Mimiui On 24/01/2011

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Perfilbajorlz On 09/07/2010

bueenas xd

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Tunesfernando On 09/07/2010

nice shot man
you have nice eyes
have a great weekend
see you.

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Un besoo cuidattee

Nos vimos por aii (:

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Perfilbajorlz On 09/07/2010

como va? ^^

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besos amor si podes dejame 5 firmas
y te dejo mi msn en privado en tu flog
hermosa desiles a tus amigas que me
agregen a sus a ff besos prinsesita

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Yosio1129 On 09/07/2010

konbanha Nakagawasan.
Nakagawasan to ieba kyou betuno Nakagawasan to utiawasewo shimashitayo.

omoshiroi photo!
no nice image.

re:mada tyotto tabino tukarega nuketeimasenn...
tabi ha dokodeshitaka?

yoi hiwo.
have a nice day.

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Melc94 On 09/07/2010

Does your novel? Have you written a novel?

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Have a great day! :D

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como te va ?

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Pense qe era el rey leon la foto xD

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