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My Novel Unforgettable' 21/44

My Novel Unforgettable' 21/44

All Translated by Yumi Ikeda .


At the moment Kei got tangled up and his gaze flowed to the left, he saw Kaori’s profile passing. He choked and tears stopped. Streaks of shiny rain struck through the darkness diagonally and fell down. A tremble of Kei’s mind sank with the rain. His legs stuck to the wet road and got stiff. A fragment of passion that swelled in his heart looked like melting and being taken away with the rain running down his cheeks and tear drops.

With a small umbrella, Kaori’s figure slowly passed and became small in the distance. She was all smiles, but the smile was unfamiliar to Kei. Is the guy holding the umbrella and turning his back Osawa? Kei didn’t see the guy’s face any more. He didn’t have much pep left for chasing them and just kept standing. Once Kei stopped, he didn’t have the courage to look at her, even, from behind.
Kei sat down on a low, steel fence aside. Kei just fixed his eyes right on the shade of thick forest.
The cellular phone vibrated, and Kei hastily took it out of the back pocket. Rika’s phone number blinked in red. Kei gazed at it for a while, grasping it in his hands.

Kei saw black high heels over the cellular phone. He was in a panic. “Kaori?”
He tried to call her name and raised his face. But the word disappeared as it was.
“Why don’t you answer it?”
The girl standing there was Rika. Rika managed to make a smile, but looked down at Kei with her show of give up, keeping her mouth shut tight. Her hand holding the umbrella trembled feebly.
“I’ve been watching Kaori-san.”
Rika slowly muttered, resting her gaze on Kaori and the guy who had left.
Then she added words.
“You know? They were making it at the front entrance, not the back door.

Raindrops tapping Kei’s forehead flew to the mouth. The breath he inhaled had a faint, dry smell of rain. Kei couldn’t understand what Rika said. He breathed hard, and then looked down at his foot. Not only Converse but 501 jeans and T-shirt were all dyed in a muddy color.
“I got the party place for ending the work off. I ‘m not sure if they will come or not…”
“How did you get it?”
Rika shifted her umbrella to the other hand and took out the cellular phone of the handbag in her arm. Rika copied from the shape and the color of Kaori’s black bag and even the mood of cool suit she was dressed in

“I told my e-mail address and mobile phone number to the stuff.”
Kei looked up at the rain clouds through Rika and nodded bending his head. It was vintage Rika. He was just unwilling to chase Kaori from now.
“I told him my real number. Because I imagined he would possibly confirm the number, and sure enough he called the number before me… I don’t mind if the number will be changed. I could get another one.”
Rika said so and smiled. She looked a bit more cheerful than a while ago. Then Kei was silent for a minute, and cast a question which sprang up in his mind suddenly.

“But why are you here?”
Rika gazed at Kei.
“Because I love you…”
Rika sat next to Kei and said so, making him come under her umbrella. Then she opened the bag again and took out a handkerchief and put it on Kei’s forehead. The warmth of Rika’s palm softly spread out.

“The guy talked that much. A girl generally would go to see him, I guess….”
Kei gazed at the colors of umbrellas coming and going over Rika and the bustle. The soft colors of umbrellas looked beautiful in the silver lights of scattered searchlights. Perhaps the hall would be just in sight.
“Are you gonna see the concert?”
Kei shook his head and laughed.
“I don’t have the ticket.”
“You didn’t get it? Such a hick!”
Rika’s profile looked more adult than usual when she said so with a calm smile. It seemed that she selected not only her dress but also her makeup for the party. But Kei thought that something lurked quietly in Rika suddenly sprout.

Rika looked around her and said,
“Well, most girls look like her. That was good I dressed formally.”
When Kei took Rika’s umbrella, Rika stood up and kicked a puddle under her feet lightly with her heel. The splash swirled in the air changing into raindrops again, and faded away shining over the darkness of forest

Kei looked up at Rika and said,
“So….What were you going to do if you didn’t see me?”
Rika pursed her lips and became very quiet. She bent her head for a while and answered slowly.
“….I would have said nothing and left ….”
Kei stood up and take Rika under his umbrella.
She stood under the shade of his umbrella and rested her gaze on Kei straight.
“….But I was sure that I could see you….”


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