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My Novel Unforgettable' 20/44

My Novel Unforgettable' 20/44

All Translated by Yumi Ikeda .


An obtuse pain hollowed Kei’s left shoulder heavily and heated. He stuck his shoulder under the shutter of bank closed hard, and the shrill sound scattered around. A crowd of office workers who stopped at a red light turned around all at once, and glanced at Kei who crouched down in the corner of shutter that got dusty by exhaust gas. Their eyes looked cold. When the look of contempt like looking far away through Kei mingled with a sharp pain in Kei’s heart, he was reminded of his father’s eyes on that day.

The place where his mother died was crossroads.
Although Kei was still three years old when his mother died, he noticed that she fell down owing to him.
It was the day when a new supermarket opened in the place; about five minutes walk from Kei’s house, on the avenue toward the station. At the entrance that was crowded with people, balloons were given out, and one of them flew over Kei who was pulled by his mother across the street.

Kei shook off mother’s hand. At the moment he tried to reach the twisted, white string, sullen sound vibrated about. He couldn’t hear even the horn. At the same time Kei’s view turned to one color crossing the sky, he was hugged tightly in mother‘s breast. Mother’s right eyes hit on asphalt swelled up oddly and distorted. Mother lay opening her eyes wide and thin streaks of tears fell down. But Kei smiled at mother innocently for a while because mother’s mouth smiled feebly. Streaks of tears got thick gradually, and dark blood oozed thickly making circles on the road. Kei finally realized it, looking at mother’s mouth that got dry whitely. Surrounding sounds swelled slowly in the ears of little Key. Kei sank his cheek in the breast of mother who lay silently, and kept the posture all the time until her body got cold.

After a while, Kei opened his eyes hearing father’s shouts. Fatter was out of his mind crying to the crowd on the road. He noticed Kei hugged in mother’s breast as he heard a siren in the distance. For the moment, he breathed a sigh of light relief, but he gazed at it in Kei’s hand. Glassy, stiff white eyes came to father’s eyes.

Kei opened his eyes squatting down at the shutter. He became conscious soon. He gazed at the light on the cellular phone in his hand for a while, and then looked about him. Kei began to run for the hall as he found a sign on the signal at the intersection. He ignored the red signal and crossed four lanes. Kei running through was profiled against the car horns and the lights which hustled him. Kei strained to hear them, standing on the sidewalk. The leaves of trees that spread out on the right trembled faintly with the heavy horn of bus

Kei began to run for the direction of sound on the straight. He ran brushing off the spray of illuminated fountain, kicking shiny raindrops that spread out on the lawn. On the way, he slipped and fell down on the ground headfirst as he tried to jump over the fence. He drew up his knees taking the obtuse pain away slowly from the wet soil and stood up. While he desperately tried to dust cakes of mud from T-shirt and 501 jeans again and again, a lump of tears welled up in his eyes from the bottom of his heart. Kei wiped tears with the back of his mud-covered hand. Kei began to run again washing away the tears with some sand and the sweat, looking up the night sky, and took out the cellular phone behind him. He pushed the name, “Kaori” on a record getting his breath. The front entrance gradually approached him while a calling tone rang once and twice.

Many colorful umbrellas pressing each other already moved slowly to the hall. Kei ran to the back door looking in each umbrella. He finally reached the back door where a few guards stood as the calling tone changed into an answer-phone. Kei gazed at some umbrellas along the concrete wall, but he didn’t see a girl like Kaori. Kei vaguely looked in each umbrella coming and going, breathing slowly. But there was no figure of Kaori. Then he slowly headed for the front entrance, looking in each umbrella backward this time.



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