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My Novel Unforgettable' 19/44

My Novel Unforgettable' 19/44

All Translated by Yumi Ikeda .


Kei came back to the room, and threw the key to the table by the window. The keys rubbing each other made a high sound to the ceiling for a second, and then stillness fell again. He tried to take Mac book out of the drawer of desk, but stopped his hand and looked at the table. He slowly came close and gazed at the table shadowed by cloudy weather. A bunch of Babies' Breath in an empty PET bottle withered up and lost colors. The Babies’ Breath was the one Kaori bought at a riverside, small florist’s which an old lady runs, where she just dropped in on the way back from the supermarket, the next day after Kaori’s first stay at Kei’s room.

Kei looked away from it and opened the window.
The dusky clouds hung low over the window kept open. A hint of moisture in the air gave a sign of the rain.
Kei hold the bunch of Babies' Breath tight, that sticked into the lip of the PET bottle, and pulled them out. He tried to throw them away to the cloudy sky and stopped it. He gazed at the faded colors in his hand for a while, and then flung them on the floor good and hard.

Kei took the cellular phone out of 501 jeans in a fluster. The call sound from Kaori rung about 10 times and was transferred to answer-phone. Kei clucked his tongue and took the key on the table again. He closed the door, murmured “Kaori” in his mind, running to the station. While running, Kei remembered Kaori’s profile at she smiled trying to smell the little Babies' Breath. Kei ran on the riverside road that looked like sinking under the shadowy sky, to the station, breathing hard and constricting his chest. Whenever he ran, his legs stiffened and got heavy. He choked as if wet cotton was stuffed into his mouth, and the harder he breathed, the more vividly Kaori’s voice or eyes came back. That made Kei’s legs move more than ever.

Kei went through a ticket gate in the evening rush.
The concert hall was in Hibiya. Kei felt regret for having taken this line, swaying his body in the subway he was not used to. The line was different from the route to Aoyama where Kei used to play at night, and it was kind of the line close to business district.

The heavy, sullen sway of the subway rocked Kei. He was irritated with the smell of sweat filled with the train and the strong smell of naphthalene drifting from somewhere. Kei managed to take the cellular phone, being nervous of surroundings, swaying in the tube of dark subway. He found an eclectic bulletin board indicating the lines and the names of stations over crushing people. Then the door opened when Kei tried to check the sign of exit at the arrival station on the mobile site.

Kay went out of the train and flowed to the left along the crowd. While looking at the guide sign jutting from the ceiling and the cellular phone turn about, he looked for a clock. The clock on the ceiling said 5:30. The concert was supposed to open at 6:30. What time did Kaori leave her room? She might have already met Osawa…..

Kei got moving forward wiping the sweat off from his forehead. Kei noticed that he was weeping while getting out of breath and choking. The tears on the cheeks showed both regrets for having done an irrevocable thing and impatience with himself who could not take a step forward. And soon the same regret gushed and fell upon him.

Why didn’t I stop Kaori? That’s because it was her dream she had been chasing. Isn’t it possible for a guy, her junior by six years who appeared suddenly, to make her give up such a dream? Kaori had endured alone in this city to become a friend of an artist. Kaori has the right to meet Osawa. Osawa himself dared to accept her offer. How could I stop her? Is there any reason to stop her? Because Kaori loves me? So I could stop her? No. I should make her dreams come true if I want to tell her clearly that I love her. I want to laugh with Kaori. What I want to hope is just see Kaori lagging tomorrow too. But He can’t get the bliss without the existence of Oshawa. Oshawa’s resolution is firm. Perhaps He would be waiting for her with preparation like what Kei had in his mind, perhaps more than that.
But the reason why I was running was just to stop Kaori.

A sweaty, sticky smell of people assailed his nostrils. In the hands of office workers passing hurriedly, there were wet umbrellas. The rain was falling on the ground. At the moment Kei went through the ticket gate and jumped out of the stairs of subway vigorously, water spattered under his shoes.

Kei looked for the crossroads being beaten by a drizzle. There should have been the sign of the hall. Kei took out the cellular phone and checked the time, heading for the crossroads that was nearest to him. It was 5:40P.M. At the moment He called Kaori while running, he lost his footing on the wet pavement. His view reversed diagonally, and rays flowed in one color and scattered

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