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My Novel Unforgettable' 18/44

My Novel Unforgettable' 18/44
Mitsushiro Nakagawa

All Translated by Yumi Ikeda .


Kei lay on the bed and gazed at Kaori, then looked at orange lights out of the window with an up glance. Kei just tried to lay back to front, but brightness of the lights didn’t change.
"Have you ever regretted coming to this town?"
A little smile extended to her mouth. Then she said in a soft voice.
The tone was much softer than a while ago and very familiar to him.
"No regret … I'm very happy, really enjoying even this moment.
Do you regret?"

Kei dropped the glance to the wall after shaking his head. An oval, black stain came to the surface on the wall, and the soft light fell into the edge. The stain and the lights melted each other well and looked beautiful like a picture.
Kaori’s calm voice sounded in Kei’s ears.
"You must not regret...It will hurt someone someday."

Kei took the sheet from his face, came close to the window and brushed away the curtain. Strong, orange color flooded Kei’s eyes.
“Are you taking lessons?”
Big concrete posts sustaining a highway looked hard and stout. When Kei peered into it, he found the vertical, slight cracks ran making shadows from the ground to the highway. Kei’s eyes followed it rather tensely over and over.

“Is that girl your classmate?”
Though the highway was illuminated by shinny orange lights, obscure lights scattered below, along a narrow alley. Those were very few, almost countable. Kei felt nostalgic for the round, silver lights because the same lights existed in his hometown.
“I just worried about you, so I was late for work today. Then I saw you two. At fast-food shop on the street, in the back of the avenue. You might say it’s not my business, so I decided to keep it to myself….

501 jeans casted off made a hard sound. His cellular phone received an e-mail.
“Isn’t if from her?”
Kei kept silent, sat down at the place, leaning on the wall. The chill ran down the ceiling, slid on a pane, and deprived the heat filled with Kei’s sole. Kei looked at the mirror on the table. Kaori’s slender legs crossed were diagonally in the edge of the mirror.
“Annoying girl, indeed! Totally different from you. Disgusting, her existence itself.”

Kaori gave a sigh to Kei’s words, and lay on the bed, turning her back on him. She pulled the blanket over herself, and drew it to her chin. Her slender back silhouetted in white. It shone quietly and softly, and made deep shades, timing to Kaori’s breath.
“If you think she is annoying, why not reject her e-mail?”
Then Kaori uttered a small voice like the breathing, to the wall.
I’m going to the live concert…..

Kei resigned himself to the monotonous sway of the train running around the city.
Going to the live concert…. Kaori’s words were repeated in Kei’s heart over and over. In the train of after 3 P.M., an old man sat stooping down in a priority seat. The others were just a few students standing in the window, chatting, who seemed to have skipped a class.

When Kei woke up, he found two slices of medium brown toast and sunny-side up eggs turn-overed on plain, white plates. And Kaori’s note was left beside the plate. On the note, a brand-new key was set diagonally like closing her neat note.
Kei sat up on the bed and gazed at Kaori’s note, taking a fork which was set on the plate.

A glass of coffee is in the refrigerator. Don’t wash the dishes. Just leave in the sink. The key is a duplicate one. You may take it or I don’t mind if you throw it away.
I’ll enjoy the live concert.


Kei’s eyes fell on the train window again. Beyond a row of low, competing houses, the heavy, thick clouds extended far to the south, rolling strange ripples.
Kei took the neck of a T-shirt and drew it to his nose. The soft smell of detergent was comfortable to him. It was a nostalgic, dry smell that he had a long time ago.
The T-shirt was folded properly in the corner of the table.

Every time Kei touched Kaori, a good old memory rushed into his mind. It softly wrapped Kei’s heart, but he was not interested in Kaori’s background any more. He seemed to, rather, keep off the topic. But if Kaori wants to talk about her family, she might have talked it more to Kei within last night, no, previously. While Kei took refuge in Kaori who kept quiet about herself, he seemed to be irritated by her distant attitude.
……If I snoop into Kaori’s complicated past, how would she feel about it? Perhaps I might lack capacity for accepting it. Kaori might be reluctant to confide because I’m simply younger than her……..
While Kei was thinking to himself, a small impatience gradually rose within him. Kei was getting impatient at himself who was feverish coldly.
…..Kaori will meet Osawa without hesitation…….


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