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My Novel Unforgettable' 17/44

My Novel Unforgettable' 17/44

All Translated by Yumi Ikeda .


Kaori’s room in Setagaya overlooked the slow orange light of cars which was strung and stretched west curving on the highway.
Kei shut the curtain and looked around Kaori’s room slowly. It looked a little like Kei’s white room a little. Simple and bare for a girl. Books were stuffed haphazardly in a steel shelf with many tiers all over the wall, though records were stuffed in a record holder in Kei’s room.

“You’ve been a literary girl?”
Kaori smiled at Ken in the back of mirror on the table, combing her wet hair.
Kei remembered that a few pocketbooks were thrown in a bag with “Camus”, given by Kaori as they met first.

A book Kei took was a maiden work of “Haruki Murakami”. It was the book Kei read next to “Camus” in his father’s study as he was 15. As far as Kei remembered, he was not moved at all.

“I’ve already read this one. Next to Camus.”
“So, what’s your impression?”

Kaori gazed at Kei, wrapping a towel that bared her breast almost. Kei searched his memory, turning the pages, but he could not find anything new. Kaori’s eyes showed a mischievous look like a little girl enjoying a riddle.

“Well, I guess it’s boring because I had no impression.”
Kaori smiled at Kei’s profile in the mirror that showed his negative answer.
“Most people say like you mentioned. But I don’t think so.”
“It’s a poor writing. I think so, even now I’m going over it.
Kei glanced through the book, single-handed. Most pages turned were blank. Some of them were illustrated. Kei inclined his head, looking at them. The number of letters is remarkably small, compared with that of “Camus” and it lacks passion.
Kaori gazed at Kei seriously. The white face of Kaori sitting down on the floor looked as if it was floating in the darkness colored orange by the lights through the
curtain. Kaori did not seem to turn the lights at all after they entered the room. Then Kei asked Kaori about it. Kaori told that she prefers to be vague, at least, in the room. Then Kaori put her arms around Kei. Faint, white lights through the window was swaying as if was trembling in the eyes of Kaori getting closer to Kei.

Kaori took the brush, withdrew her gaze, and combed hair slowly, drooping. A grave voice was heard from Kaori’s slender back.
“Draw an outline, hide the essence. A person tries to seek it more. Fix a will, trying to make up for it with mind and imagination.”

Kei sat down on the bed and thought over her words in his mind. It was a rigid word and unlike her. The silence in the room got heavier by degrees, and Kei began to speak.

“If it was something you don’t know, you could do well without knowing it….”
Kaori put the brush on the table, nodding her head lightly, and said, “At least”.
“A person who noticed must face it….”
“And a person who was informed, too.”
Kaori stood up by the table and sat down next to Kei. She added words as if she soothes him, and rested her gaze on the dark corner of the room. It was an absent, gloomy look.

"My town becomes pure-white in winter. Even the edge of a straight road was pure-white … If white clouds were floating all over the sky, the horizon could not be visible … I had a pain in the cheek with a frozen air…
You know? You ever heard the story a fairy lives in a deep forest?
The fairy is not one and many live together … It is a place where such an allegory sounds real ……So the place like your town is still too urban… I wanted to leave such a place …
I wanted to come to this town to become a friend of the musician whom I had been admiring for a long time. I thought a lot about what was necessary for that…first, going on to university to get smart… After that, brushing up myself to be sophisticated … not only a dress and make-up but also how to walk and how to smile …learning everything from ladies on TV whom you thought beautiful. Then the most necessary thing is ..."
Kaori told Kei this and shut her mouth. Her glance shifted to from the floor and she softly muttered to Kei in the bedside.
"To know music a lot."



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